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  1. Sounds good. I like pink - would like to live in a pink cottage I also like purple, but a purple house would probably be a step too far...
  2. That is the dark side of the internet KC and it doesn't help that the internet itself is addictive whatever someone uses it for
  3. I just checked my crystal ball, Vic, it looked crystal clear
  4. Are you interested in astrology ba51th? I find it amusing. I guess it is as 'legit' as you want it to be...
  5. Hi mrsrobot. I think it's a modern malaise, this idea that we're all supposed to be superwoman (or even superman) and succeed at all times at different activities. It's not surprising so many of us get depressed. I hope you can put less pressure on yourself and spend pleasant time with your son instead. Household chores can be very dull
  6. To answer your question, I think depression can be terminal because I've been to the funeral of someone for whom it was. However, I hope you can find the even the tiniest flicker of something inside or out that makes you change your mind.
  7. Hi ThatOne. Just to add to what Vic has said, I think you deserve an explanation from her after 5 months - is there anyone else on the chat who you trust who knows her and would ask what was going on? It's a heartaching situation, but this cold, distant behaviour is now sadly another aspect of this 'amazing' person - better in many ways to find out after months rather than years. Be as kind to yourself as possible now, don't blame yourself in any way, you were just offering love.
  8. You were right to be honest, sorry you did not get the help you need. Try to keep safe, hopefully someone will listen to you soon, in the meantime you can talk it over here. Hope you can resist acting on the self hate.
  9. How very wizard of you...
  10. Hope this fashion prediction is wrong...
  11. passionfruit, hope you are going to be ok and get help if you need it. Must be horrible feeling sick, all I can say is it may clear your system of the whitening. Sorry you don't seem to get enough assistance at the er
  12. Hiya Anne, just to reassure you schizophrenia is actually not very common - it affects just about 1% of the population. I don't suppose an online test gives much in the way of real indicators anyway, more just worrying for you. One major problem of psychosis is losing touch with what's around you and it sounds like you have your feet pretty firmly planted. I'm sure people you know would notice anyway if there was a problem with that. One word that comes to mind when I read your post is 'balance'. Just maybe trying to enjoy your creativity but develop some social practical activities as well, if you feel up to it. Was the song looping a one off? I've had something similar before now but I just assumed it was because of liking the song. Or do you get other 'stuck' thoughts? Just wondered.
  13. I'm very rusty on keys but I could probably manage some 'terrible' playing
  14. Hope you can get a doc to take a look at your hand soon passionfruit. Sorry you are in pain. Sounds like you really need someone to talk to, hope posting here helps a bit.
  15. Hope you can seek medical help, passionfruit, whether it's a different hospital or not. Home is much preferable to hospital I agree, hope you can use that as a reason to resist these urges to hurt yourself.