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  1. Hope this fashion prediction is wrong...
  2. passionfruit, hope you are going to be ok and get help if you need it. Must be horrible feeling sick, all I can say is it may clear your system of the whitening. Sorry you don't seem to get enough assistance at the er
  3. Hiya Anne, just to reassure you schizophrenia is actually not very common - it affects just about 1% of the population. I don't suppose an online test gives much in the way of real indicators anyway, more just worrying for you. One major problem of psychosis is losing touch with what's around you and it sounds like you have your feet pretty firmly planted. I'm sure people you know would notice anyway if there was a problem with that. One word that comes to mind when I read your post is 'balance'. Just maybe trying to enjoy your creativity but develop some social practical activities as well, if you feel up to it. Was the song looping a one off? I've had something similar before now but I just assumed it was because of liking the song. Or do you get other 'stuck' thoughts? Just wondered.
  4. I'm very rusty on keys but I could probably manage some 'terrible' playing
  5. Hope you can get a doc to take a look at your hand soon passionfruit. Sorry you are in pain. Sounds like you really need someone to talk to, hope posting here helps a bit.
  6. Hope you can seek medical help, passionfruit, whether it's a different hospital or not. Home is much preferable to hospital I agree, hope you can use that as a reason to resist these urges to hurt yourself.
  7. If he is, I hope he throws off his invisibility cloak soon. Come back mts...
  8. I like vegetarian pizza, there is one called the fiorentina which is very tasty. Happy Eater - I mean Easter everyone
  9. Totally agree, there is something special about snowfall over the landscape, silent yet crispy underfoot. Have had virtually no snow this winter though. Also love the magnolia trees and camellias at this time of year, have seen some lovely ones in the last few weeks.
  10. Not quite the same as standing under the real thing...http://www.poemtree.com/poems/LoveliestOfTrees.htm
  11. Hi ba51, must be difficult getting these sort of dreams. I read this this article recently, it mentions common dreams and some of their meanings, including being chased; https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/datablog/2016/dec/07/five-most-common-dream-meanings
  12. That's an interesting idea and I can understand it, there is something comforting about the winter months. I'd move with the spring so I could watch cherry trees flower over and over...
  13. Or woman. This is very true, Yahweh, I was thinking about it the other day - not the goblin bit - the importance of someone being their own best friend and trying to replace negative self chatter with something kinder.
  14. Yum, looking forward to the Viking buffet then...I think... Or would it be Irish, German or American...??
  15. Just being totally nosy, but what is the other 50%? Scottish?