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9 hours ago, Victimorthecrime said:

Lord that was depressing.

Yes, it was. I just can't feel sorry for someone who cannot appreciate when someone is being kind to them and treating them well.

Just sets up a vicious circle where nice people can't enjoy being nice, following their true personality.

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An unexpected cause of high anxiety is self-hatred. People who have grown up not to like themselves very much at all have an above average risk of suffering from extremes of anxiety, for if one doesn’t think one is worthy, it must – by a dastardly logic – follow that the world is permanently and imminently at high risk of punishing one in the way one suspects one deserves. [...]

For the self-hating, anxiety is a pre-emptive anticipation of the pain one unconsciously feels one is owed; very bad things must and should happen to very bad people.


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