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Soooo, I decided to pop in and give an update..

Though, not much is different from the outside, looking in. I'm still working, being a single mom, and juggling life. The difference is I'm continuing therapy, and am being open and honest with my therapist, and myself, as well. I'm being consistant with my meds. I'm sleeping without interruption most of the time, napping on occasion, too. Not feeling as overwhelmed.. Finally starting to find happiness in being me. I'm working hard on not cutting.. And validating my feelings.. Wow. That's a lot.

I've come a long way in a very very short time. Almost thinking that it's more the meds than me. lol. Oh well, I'll take it. I wasn't so happy about the number of meds at first, and it took me a few days to get over the "crazy" feeling... Bundling up in the bed, feeling crazy for a while. They've got me on 5 mg Abilify, 60 mg Cymbalta, 250 mg Depakote Er, 100 mg Provigil, and .5 mg Risperdal in the mornings.. Another .5 Risperdal in the afternoon. and 500 mg Depakote ER in the evenings. Still sounds like a lot, but it's working.. I'm trying not to freak out, knowing it won't be a forever, thing.

Also, I've visited my brothers grave. Was able to talk to him a bit and let go of a little more.. He still didn't have a tombstone, just a metal plank. So, I made a few calls to find out if that was in the making or what was going on.. Apparently, my parents cant afford it, and neither could anyone else.. So, I've ordered one. I can't believe it's almost been a year since he's left us.. Ahh, It still hurts.

Anyway, Hope you all are doing well. Hope to hear from you and catch up a bit!


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I'm so happy for you! Thanks for updating us, it's always so encouraging to hear about someone who is taking the steps and getting their life back on track. It's not easy being a single mom, I've been there, but what you're doing is so important for you daughter, you should be proud :D

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I'm sorry; I know you don't want to hear from me and I wasn't going to respond but, I wanted to tell you how very happy I am for you. I had tears when I read this. And I've still been offering a little prayer for you every night on my way to work. Even though we don't talk anymore, doesn't mean I've stopped caring about you and what you're going through.

I also wanted to say a personal good-bye. This will be my last visit to this site; it's time for me to move on. But before I go, just wanted to tell you that I love you; and that you'll always be my friend. If you ever... well, if maybe... I mean... if you ever want to be friends again and, just friends... well, you know how to reach me.

<3 Hug <3

~ me

P.S. - I know you said you like listening to my music so, here's my main youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Jetliner757

I'll keep it updated so if by chance you ever want to listen, please feel free. Take care of you, okay? :D

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