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What's in a milestone?



Yeah, it's funny: even though I broke 2,000 posts today, I don't feel the same as when I broke 1,000.

Yes, the miles still matter more than the milestones, but more so: I wasn't sure I'd even talk about it.

I mean, this isn't the "score" that matters, is it? And no, I don't mean to look at reputation, instead; that's basically linked pretty closely to how often one posts.

It's the feeling of being close to the heart of this place, its tides and storms and rainbows and sunsets. That's how I know that what I'm doing matters. That's why I stay.


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Im glad you stay, coz well how on earth would I cope without being able to annoy my Big Brother :D

(do you think you'd of made the Big Red Button, by the time you hit your next milestone? (hint hint) :))

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Congrats on the posts, Mark. I have a looong way to go to catch up with you. Ahh, Maybe one day. :D

More importantly, I'm thankful you're here, doing what you're doing. You've impacted my life, even if I didn't let you see it, at times. I know others feel the same way. Thanks for your support over the past year and your dedication to this site.

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