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Final Day of court ... I hope.



Today is my final day of court. (I will still have to wait for the verdict. Likely another month or more.)

It is just summations. The prosecution will use the evidence presented and try to make me as bad as possible and my lawyer will ensure that it doesn't amount to much.

I get to sit there as do the members of my family that are coming. We get to sit there while the prosecution paints me into a monster.

That fact is the prosecution's case is very weak. That fact also is it doesn't make a big difference. It can all biol down to one thing.

Definition of DEPENDENCE

1: the quality or state of being dependent; especially : the quality or state of being influenced or determined by or subject to another

2: reliance, trust

3: one that is relied on

4a : drug addiction

b : habituation 2b

Definition of DEPENDENT

1: hanging down

2 a : determined or conditioned by another : contingent

b (1) : relying on another for support (2) : affected with a drug dependence

c : subject to another's jurisdiction

d : subordinate 3a

3 a : not mathematically or statistically independent

b : equivalent 6a

This can be used to describe any relationship.

No matter what I can be found guilty and the funny thing is I have no fear of the outcome. I guess that is because I am confident, but in reality it is because there are worse things to fear.

I fear simply never regaining what I lost. I fear that the punishment has already been inflicted and is far worse than time in prison.


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Well. It was just submissions so both lawyers took turns basically arguing based on the evidence that has already been presented and talking about precedents.

My Lawyers arguments and evidence are much better, but it still comes down to defining dependency.

Essentially if I never tried to help her and just had sex with her, then they would have no case. They argue that by helping her with her depression I made her dependent on me. Because I talked to her instead of simply talking to teachers, parents or the police I was making her dependent on me.

It is really crazy.

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It all sounds complicated, and one heck of a head ache.

Try not to believe everything your lawyers tell ya hun, I think sometimes they tell you what you want to hear - guess I dont trust Lawyers that much these days. I'm glad you've gotten good legal representation though :D

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