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delayed again



Well today was to be my verdict. My parents (mid 70s), my sister, her daughter, my brother, his wife and daughter and friend all showed only to be told that the Judge was off a few days. They claimed my Lawyer was informed. No message got to him. We all traveled over an hour for this.

So now We wait just over a week more. We wait for eight more days to see what my fate will be.

Just yesterday my new connection realized she is still in love with her ex and she is going to try patch things up with him.

I am tired of delays. I am tired of being the one left out. The one who ends up ... alone in ruins. I am tired of it.


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Court delays are a pain in the ass !!! :D

Im sorry they didnt inform you sooner.

Hope the next 8 days pass quickly for you - I know how frustrsating waiting for a court date is - its hell. :D

Sorry to hear about your new connection.

Hope things pick up for you soon.

Take care

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Thanks for all the good wishes. My secret is that I have been trained by the process well and there is nothing I can do about it. I gave up hope long ago of having things get over with.

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Hi waiting :(

Thanks for sharing your secret hun, sorry that your being messed around so much by the courts. If its any consolation, they muck you about in the uk too.

Hope you have a relaxing day hun

take care

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Thanks, I am doing pretty good. I do feel the anxiety more intensely that I did awaiting my last date, but I will be good. My parents are coming to visit today and I have met someone new, so all in all things are going well.

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