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I can only hope that what I'm going through now will be worth something later. Pressure can create a diamond, but also can simply crush. The word damned means lost, but in time came to signify the torments of hell.

Also, the bad people are trying to get to me. They want me to do something but I don't want to do it. It's not bad for me but it's bad in my opinion. That's all I know at this time. They don't want me to say anything and I will probably get hurt for saying this. Yet this running around in circles in my head is hurting me too, so end of day it's a wash, I guess.


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Maybe you could visualise yourself being in a calming place of natural beauty - I do sometimes and it helps. But with me though its usually isolated remote beaches I visualise. Found this image, maybe it will help you ??? ......... :)


Sorry its so huge :)

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wow I didn't even know you could put an image in a post. Oh wait, there's a little picture icon up there that says "insert image" haha your secrets are revealed! :) Yes it is quite large but something like that definitely gets my attention. Thank you.

psuedome, The music I like depends on the time period. I will go on a blues kick for a while, then classical, industrial, britpop, reggae, and so on. Right now I'm in a very heavy metal/punk phase. Current rotation is DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, S.O.D., and Fear. A lot of people write this type of music off because it's abrasive, but when I'm struggling it helps to hear from people who at least express similar experiences.

Deeper into the music, there is a level of insight and empathy that surpasses anything the current ringtone-mill is producing, except for Lady Gaga.

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