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An Interesting Day



Yesterday a few good things happened. So, that on its own made it an interesting (and dare I say ENJOYABLE?) day:D. First off - Naturopath visit in the morning. I've been wondering whether to just quit seeing him as nothing he gives me makes me feel any better. So I told him a little bit about my mental state, current crisis, lack of coping skills etc. I also asked if he thinks any of what he gives me would work under the current circumstances. He said it would be pretty hard for them to be effective given this new information. So he put me on a regimen to support me in my daily "fight or flight" existence to just get me through this period of my life. That just seemed to make a lot more sense to me.

I am grateful that he understands the 'mind-body' connection. He is looking for causes, not just giving me bandaid solutions. I also told him about my frustrations with the lack of help I'm getting on the chronic pain side because my GP says "I can't refer you to any specialists. They won't see you because of your Fibromyalgia diagnosis". That attitude has been frustrating me for months. By talking to this Naturopath, he gave me 3 names of Fibro-friendly GPs to call as well as a person who can help me with my recurring muscle injuries. And he also was familiar with the local experts in the area of Fibro - which I didn't know but was pleasantly surprised to find out he knew about. Finally - somebody who knows about my condition, listens, has useful resources to give me, and can point me in a few directions besides a brick wall of hopelessness.

We also talked about energy in the body and how it gets sent 'out there' (pointing outside of himself). That was illustrated in spades several hours later....

In the evening, I went to a Fibro Support Group meeting downtown. It was raining so it was surprising that quite a few members showed up (we're desperate for any tidbit of information that might be helpful). At the end of the meeting I chatted with the individual (also a Fibro sufferer - much worse so than me) who was presenting to the group. This lady has been through a lot and researches to the nth degree everything about her situation (I didn't know that not only is mercury poisonous but some people can actually be ALLERGIC to it, too. There's even a doctor in the U.S. who will take a blood sample and tell you what your mercury fillings should be replaced with because some of the new compounds can also be a problem) Anyway, not only does this lady take incredible PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for her health, mental state, financial condition etc etc - but she does whatever it takes to find solutions, in spite of sleep problems, mental fog and chronic pain.

As we were walking to the subway together I told her about my stalled divorce as I knew she had been through her own recently. Unfortunately a topic I should NEVER, EVER discuss outside of therapy as it just escalates into a rant without ending. Anyway, as we were talking, and she was doing her best to listen and offer suggestions, a stranger approached us and asked her for help. He said he'd been watching us and that she was clearly a preacher (she is not, but she is very spiritual) helping me and could she help him?

Bingo, the lightbulb flashes. We were not loud. I was not gesturing. I was not getting overly emotional or creating any kind of disturbance. And yet...A total stranger (who appeared somewhat mentally slow/odd) from across the room (and my back was to him, so there were no facial cues to be picked up on) could pick up the distinct difference in positive and negative energy in both of us....Back to the Naturopath's comment. Your energy goes 'out there' and is picked up by others. He would also argue it can be picked up miles away - he doesn't believe that it is only coincidence when you think of a friend and then the phone rings and it's them. I tend to agree with him. When bad things keep happening to you, you start feeling like your negative energy can be picked up miles away and cause bad things to be attracted to you. So this is yet a little more reinforcement of the necessity to change my energy state to one that is POSITIVE as much of the time as possible. This concept is not new to me. It's just that I seem to require massive banging over the head to get myself to internalize and practise it :eek: !

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