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Looks like there was some drama while I was away. I too am surprised but refuse to take myself or teh interwebz seriously enough to demand honesty from anyone here, especially when a user name suggests they may be exploring an online alter ego. I guess mainly what I'm concerned about is people not taking responsibility for their own reactions. It takes two to tango, but it also takes two to tangle.


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Welcome back.

I take full responsibility for my reaction.

But there is a difference between "exploring an online alter ego" and going to a mental health site, where the pupose is to support one another, and make up gratuitiously false stories of abuse.

I'm not that trusting of a person. but this individual took considerable time and effort to earn my trust, and then turn around and betray it . why? what was the point?

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i am always responsible for my own actions, and take full responsibility for everything I have said. I am not ashamed of what I have said. If people dont like the truth - then well, they dont have to read it.

they can just go .......


The truth hurts - but its the liars in this world that do the real damage :)

Oh and welcome back :(

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Hello, Ralph! Nice to see you again! :(

I like your comment and your attitude. (And I'd say you're lucky that you weren't here for these days...)

How are you? Anything new in your life? I'm looking forward hearing more from you about you ... :)

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I recognize the hurt that can be done through false stories of abuse, especially in that it instills doubt about the real victims, who already have an uphill battle coming forward. I think the point for the liar is specifically to cause drama and gain attention. That's just the reason my reaction is basically let's all chill.

I have to wonder why someone who is playing a prank would choose to come forward. In my estimation it could be to unleash the potential shit storm built up and finally let those who were duped be shown to have egg on their faces. It could also be that they finally grew a conscience and felt the need to come clean. If the former, exploding in anger is understandable, but gives the prankster the payoff desired. If the latter, then anger is still understandable but I'm not sure if it helps anyone.

Of course, my reaction is influenced by my own issues. As one who has a habit of stuffing unpleasant emotions, perhaps I am mistaking my habitual response for an appropriate one. Further my own response is only adding to the attention so am I even walking my talk. Grrrr. I wanted to have my say as I was one of those deceived, but I cannot do so without continuing to play into the game that I didn't even know I was a part of. I guess that's why I take a lighthearted approach. I can simultaneously vent and distance myself.

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Not to detract from important discussion, but that pup is super cute. :) I love pugs.

I'm a strong feeling person and my heart is open. I like that about myself and wouldn't want that to ever change.

I'm sorry so many were hurt. :)

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