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so bloody angry. i wanna scream, shout, rant, rave, vent, punch two frigging holes through the damn windows,

hmmm, is this whats called emotionally unstable - no p'frigging'doc its called being pissed off, keep yer meds, shove 'em in any oriface you so desire, probably one in which the sun never shines, and leave me the fuck alone, and let me just sleep :)

today wasnt such a bloody good day afterall :mad: :o


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and as it happens i am well AWARE of how 'childish' i become when i get like this, but would it really of hurt like anybody or anydamnfing just ta let me do something i deem as 'normal' HUH, nope theres always somefrigging goddarnsocalledperson ever eager to put a dampner on things and say "you're not ready for that yet" JEZUSE, i reckon i know just "what" im capable of achieving - frigging knowitalls that knowfuckall :mad:

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Sue...on the one hand, I'm sorry you're so angry. On the other hand, I have to agree with Mark -- it's OK to be angry. You, of all people, have plenty of reasons to be angry. The trick is to do something good with that anger...maybe make it push you to do more, change things that you don't like...

Of course, if you figure out how to do that, could you please explain it to me??? Because I've got plenty of anger that I'd love to do something constructive with, rather that just letting it eat me alive. :(

Regardless, please take care of you. I hope things get better, and quickly.

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sorry mark im, erm venting :(

and at the moment i would dearly love to administer a psychotropic enema :(

i mean really, what harm would it do - it might be benificial for the p'doc to get a sample of his own darn treatment. perhaps p'doc would be a little more understanding infuture were that to happen.

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Of course you're venting. It's your blog, isn't it? :-)

{I put that enema image in just for you, you know. I have a childish part or two myself.}

I would think that any pdoc who's administering enemas is a little confused.

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I would think that any pdoc who's administering enemas is a little confused.

well yeah maybe :(

guess im just throwing my toys outta the pram - but ya know what i dont give a flying monkeys, a ratz arse or a elephants trunk.

Ive been doing so good this past week or so - and it takes one stupid conversation with a ignoramus p'doc and im spitting fire. Surely these quacks cant always be right?

Damn it, the way im behaving right now - IS kinda prooving him right - ooops :( :(

So the biggest question of my day........

how do i get a grip on my frigging mood swings?

answers on a postcard to the usual adress


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Most things that quack are lucky they float ... :-)

Hmm, getting a grip on mood swings ...

I think you sit in the middle of the wooden seat, grab the ropes, and SWING! If you gotta swing, you should at least not fall off.


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thanks big bro, wish i had a swing, that would certainly ease more than a little tension and stress right the now.

im sorry, i know im behaving like a sb and being a mouthy cc, wish i just had the ordasity to tell certain people to their face when they piss me off - it would save a LOT of my emotions becoming overwhelming.......

need to pass the heck out and sleep - huh, sleep was what got me into trouble wiv the p'doc in the first place - or rather me sleeping to much :mad: :(

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No, sweety, none of us is calling you any names for being angry. {I think part of the swing into being angry at yourself is that you call yourself names when you get angry at others. Remember where those names came from; you don't have to treat yourself the way they treated you.}

Do you think you could calmly tell the doc that his remark wasn't helpful? For one thing, you'd show him that you can be stable ...

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Words can set me off sometimes, too, Sue. My emotions also have their moments. Does imagery help to calm you at all? Think of a gentle rainfall or something peaceful that soothes you.

Maybe next time you see pdoc, you can let him know that his words upset you.

I hope you feel better. Take care.

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thanks for all the support last night folks - im sorry i was in 'oneofthosemoods', and ranting like a nutter - im some what calmer today - still a bit annoyed but more at myself than at p'doc.:(

im so tired of late and i get ratty quite easily ...... erm, especially when i dont get my own way or someone just dont 'get' what im saying to them (knowitalls that knowfuckall particulary)

today is another day, and im tryna let it be a good day, so i guess its a case of let bygones be bygones :o

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sheeze im mad :mad:

certain people take the blatant piss, an are so darn rude and offensive, and it makes me really want to tell them off!!!

really i should just stop coming onto here - it just in-evitably winds me up and annoys me. i HATE, hate the fact that some person on here has continuosly wound me up so much in recent weeks. talk about ruining my sanctuary. :mad:

the one place that was filled with hope - for me is now a trigger - and that is just so very sad and dissapointing :(

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yeah i think im ok, just really sad and dissapointed ya know.

i cant handle things too well and this is where i come to feel safe, but theres so much hatred being delivered and it makes me un easy. probably sounds silly.

guess im just down still, that and really tired - that always makes me feel rattyier than usual. im sorry.

love you big sis :(

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pain of any kind is a challenge if we're honest :(

dunno where this is happening, but I'm sorry that it is. I have to limit what I view and what I participate in, because it can lead me to make bad choices with my efforts.

Hope some meditation or care can reach yer down and tired today, lil sis! :o

((((( hugs to you )))))

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think thats what im going to have to try and do - limit what i view and participate in. :(

its all just a huge learning curve :o

meditation is something i believe in a lot, and i plan to do just that this afternoon.:o

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