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The higher you climb the further you fall.



I'd much rather maintain my general state numbness and indifference for most of the time, because I find that it makes the depression much less intense than when you find yourself happy for a few days, because the closer you are to the bottom of the dark hole, the less distance you have to fall, which makes for a much safer (yet no less awful if you arrive safely) landing.


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So true. I prefer not to feel anything than to feel excited about something and get disappointed. This is what I am going through right now. Was feeling high for few days and now feeling even lower than I felt before. Was wondering if it is even worth it.

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It's a real shame you are feeling like this too Lana :( I think to us, it probably wasn't worth it, because in our heads, it makes everything so much worse when we come back down, but I bet it means a lot to friends and family, so maybe the suffering is worth it to see them smile..

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Emotions have them too and you are right PP, it's rotten to allow yourself to feel high just to have a greater crash once you reach a peak. Truth be told I think extremes in either direction are harmful. I get high (emotionally), then, at first, just going back to normal feels like a let down, depressing, I mean. I'm not depressed but it feels like a bummer that I can't maintain that high.

Anyway the advice I give and try to live is...

In all endeavors, do your best to set yourself up for success and expect nothing in return except to learn and you will never be disappointed.

It's not always easy to apply but practice makes perfect!

I hope you 2 feel better :)

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