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normal day



It's nice to have every once in a while a day of normal emotions, based on things happening in the present but not too high and not too low.

I'm trying to stop beating myself up and noticing I do it a lot. If I treat myself that way how can I know I wouldn't treat others that way? Inside my mind is every mean thing I have turned inward and could easily turn outward if I didn't know better. Practicing different habits of thinking, at least for now.


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I found the flip side to be true too, though: I had some pretty grim self-talk when I came here, but the more time I spent trying to sit with other people's feelings and treat them with acceptance (love them, in a sense), the more I found myself doing the same for myself. It became too weird to treat myself so differently.

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What a nice post, was nice to read it..

And the comment too!

I have been hard on me and on others too. I realize that. It simply works that way, atleast to me. And indeed trying to help others has always been effective, makes me feel more released, free and much better and even alert in general.

Maybe because it's kind of distraction that can bring happyness to others and you get happy of that.

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