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Things have gone a little wrong - maybe its for the best - sheeze only knows what the future holds - not sure i altogether care, its not like things usually go according to my plan anyway - so s'pose this was to be expected.

Reckon ive had better days. Huh, feel free to insert sarcasm, coz at mo Im possitively full of the damn stuff.

Not sure I like therapy - not sure I like work, not even sure if I like anything. Just want it all to rag off and leave me alone to stewper in peace - have I mentioned already that I hate today, coz I do, Reckon Im gonna hate tomorrow too - just guessing on that score though, but the way things are going I wouldnt be at all supprised.

But apart from that Im in a real good mood, and everything is A1 OKAY :rolleyes:


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Hi Sue. :-)

I'm a little confused about how things could go a little wrong but maybe it's for the best? What things, and "for the best" in what way?

What makes you fill up with sarcasm? Does sarcasm make you feel better, or worse?

Meh. Just take care of yourself, lil sis.



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Okay, so maybe things went more than a little wrong - hard to explain without pouring my guts out and ending up a emotional wreck - and ultimately sounding foolish beyond all possibilities. Surfice to say its difficult.

Find myself having to switch off from reality and zoning into alto-pilot, using what ever means available - just to function in some sort of acceptable manner.

Sarcasm - hmmm, the lowest form of witt, yet somehow strangely comforting and a realistic response to the environment i find myself surrounded by/in.

Its ironic, Im well, Im dealing with all the crap, coping with everything to some degree or other. Getting by, going to work, keeping on top of housework, even able to smile. Everything seems to suggest that im perfectly adapted to living - yet if i were to allow myself to be honest im not coping - just hiding behind shit i shouldnt be doing and coping by using the very solutions that suggest im not coping at all.

thanks for your kindness guys.

love to you all

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awww, thanks for the cute pics, and for the sarcastic ones too - they really made me smile :o

havnt really gotten much to say/talk about - unless ofcourse anyone is interested in the day in a life of me (YAWN)

hope that you guys are doing ok, thinking about you even though im hardly ever here.

take care all.

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