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Things at home are the same as always.New is that my father think Im worthless,but I dont care what he says.

I really feel lonely,but I cant change that for now

I will try to focus and write if I cant maybe listening music will help

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That is an awfull situation to be in, Andromeda. As parents, they should not be putting you through this. There is nothing you can do, except to take care of yourself.

This is a very unhealthy environment for you.

I am sorry.

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Wow, Beth, so beautiful! Remember how we used to post a lot of pictures like this on the old site. I miss it :(

Hey, Andromeda, I see you sitting on top of that small mountain. You look so content.

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Its really beautiful.I love nature.There is magic in it.Thank you,Beth

Sitting on the top of mountain :) Away from problems.Just me and nature.Sounds great.I think I can imagine this.Sometimes only my imagination makes me stronger

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I read little,than I wrote how I feel.This makes my anxiety low.I helped my brother with his homework.My father wasnt at home so it was more peaceful .

But Im still nervous.Tomorrow is my first day of university.So many people I dont know.

I dont know if they can understand my OCD when I need to do my rituals :(

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Well Im fine.University is interesting.Im still little confused with so many new things,but maybe its normal.Im too shy and Im not good when I have to talk with people I dont know,but Im trying to talk with students and maybe someday I will talk with them more freely

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Beginning of a new school year was always exhausting to me... I hope you'll be kind to yourself and allow yourself to get the rest you sometimes need ;).

It's great that you feel that the University is interesting - the confusion and uncertainties are natural in the beginning and I believe you'll become more and more comfortable :).

Take care!

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Im trying to escape from feeling of guilt and depression.I dont want to feel like bad person anymore.

I think university helps me a little and I dont feel so lonely and far away from the world.

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