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panic and back again



Was doing great on the new meds, but anxiety came back and turned into full blown panic Friday night into Saturday. Had stopped taking the meds some days before that though. There are some gory details to the panic episode that I will leave out for now. Important thing is I am better now, and have a whole new reason to be alive. No longer wishing for death. Over three months sober now. Social relationships could use some help and I am working on that, going out to a movie with a new friend later today. Of course it's a new friend that I would like to be a FWB but I'm building to that. Grateful to be above ground and for all the amazing good luck I have had in my life. Hope this continues.


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Can you think of anything that might bring on your spells of anxiety, Ralph? Do you make time to relax and take care of your needs?

I'm glad you are feeling better now.

I hope you enjoyed the movie with your friend.

Take care of yourself.

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I worry about my health a lot, that is what triggered it. I had some chest pain and thought I was having a heart attack. I'm not taking good care of my needs, kind of haphazard with that, but getting better as I am trying to improve. I did have a good time at the movie with my friend, thank you.

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