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Up again, down again



I just cause problems for the people I am staying with. I think after about a week they are just sick of me. I should go away from everyone. Nobody can stand me and I can't stand the loneliness. So the solution is for me to just stop my existence. It's not fair that everyone gets to yell at me for any screw up I do, but if I complain about anyone else's screw up that affects me, well, I am just being a jerk. I don't want to play any more. Society does not need me. I should just drop out. There is no point to all this suffering.


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Knowing the noodle question was asked by finding... I'm thinking Kung-Fu Panda--Dragon Warrior, noodles, tofu.

Balance - quit don't quit?

Ralph I don't think it has anything to do with Viagra :P

P.S. I thought it was a fun movie.

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