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The Power of Not Caring



Sometimes not caring feels so good. Today was one of those days. I truly don't care. It's not like I want anything bad to happen, I just don't care if it does. Same goes for good things. Don't care either way.

Because it's all bullshit and none of it matters. It's a very freeing attitude and brought me right into the moment. People get you to care and that's how they hook you. Not anymore...


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I truly believe what I am about to say here: some people are just not meant for this world. Advances in technology and social services have allowed them to continue to live in a world where nature would have disposed of them as weak animals many years ago. They limp along in misery using up valuable resources and contaminating the gene pool. Notice I am not saying they don't have a "right" to live nor am I advocating any kind of eugenics. I am just telling it as I see it.

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"... some people are just not meant for this world."

Interesting questions, at least to me: which ones, and why. :-)

{I'll ignore the touchier question, "Who decides" ...}

There's physical weakness (unable to fight for food, etc.), and there's mental weakness (unable to cope with the reality of fighting, or to believe in themselves enough to fight, or a bunch of other forms of "weakness".)

But then there are the questionable "weaknesses": I would rather share my planet with gentle people, or compassionate people (and of course, to be such myself), yet that doesn't jive with "survival of the fittest" ... unless we get to question the "Nature, red in tooth and claw" (from a poem by Tennyson) view of what "fittest" might once have been thought to mean

Perhaps, in a society of humans instead of a wilderness, the definition of fitness changes. Heck, maybe those changes are what all the growing pains are about ...

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Not caring may sound negative but that's not the way I mean it.  For people like me that can be overly emotional and overly sensitive it can be a healthy break from the madness, the roller coaster to just switch to 'not care' mode to the extent possible for a time. Failing to do so can lead to irrational behavior when I become overwhelmed and stressed out. I cannot even think clearly much less take action when I am drowning in a world pool of worry and regret.  

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Sounds like a space for you to recharge and renew. Or possibly you are putting up a boundary to protect yourself. I hope you will be mindful of self-judgment, though. I take breaks as well, though somewhat differently, to help regain my balance. Sometimes even just taking a deep breath can help me to create a space between myself and my strong emotions. It's good that you are thinking about self-care.


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Yes I agree w everything you said.

If you care too much it can shut you down. Like helicopter parents that end up causing more problems than they solve or a guy that is so crazy about a girl that he ends up driving her away w his intensity.  

I have worked along side some very successful sales people in the past and they all had that ability to just turn off the caring when things didn't work out. 

Carlos Castaneda talks about the attitude of a warrior as being a degree of control matched by a degree of abandon. 

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