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Day 8



Stayed in and had a Quiet day to myself again

Be out tomorrow evening and morning. Still looking for a shop to 

Put my electric and gas on 


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*Another confused American here* :confused::lol:

In America, a shop could be a place you leave your car to be repaired or it might be a store that specializes in a particular trade. We have utility/oil/gas companies that provide us with electricity and deliver what we need.

I hope you can get your gas and electric turned on very soon.

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Forgot about us on here a shop is a store where those are 

Like shop for us is place to leave your car we call it a garage or a parking lot :)

Not worried about electric or gas I can find a petrol station ( store that does food/drink as well as petrol ) or another store ( shop )

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I think when they say shop they mean like a mechanics. Yeh, everything is a shop here. Apart from a Supermarket, but we call them by name (Asda, Tesco, Morrisons) but we still say 'shopping' and might still call it a shop depending. I'd never really thought about it. Hey, Dave. They don't have kettles in America, get on that lol. 

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We do have kettles;  we just don't use them.  ☺️  Most people here would use the microwave, or buy their expensive coffees in a shop.

My parents were British;  Mom English and Dad Scottish.  I went off tea fairly young (due to overexposure), but Mom had a kettle and a teapot and a tea cozy she made herself.

We're not barbarians, really we're not.

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We have kettles, as you refer to them; we just call them pots. A pot of coffee. Same thing maybe, but just with a different name? Or perhaps it is different?


Okay, don't mind me; Malign knows better (and I type slowly):P

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