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I'm a big brrrrrrrrave flying ginger artful dogggggg who likes ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i've decided that i'm going to be good from now on!!! i'm going to try be more positive and be healthier, even if that means eating vegetables and giving up ice-cream..:( and I'll try not to let my family make me sad anymore and i won't play anymore pranks on them unless they really really deserve it and i'll keep my room tidy and do what i'm told and be a good daughter..:( and i'll try not to complain about work as much either, [work is great, i LOVE work!!!]


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*yeah, i love socialising with my family aswel. so much fun..!!*

[i have never tasted a cucumber]

[what is baked squash...? {it doesn't sound so good} OH!!! It sounds amazzzzing!!!!;)]

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I wanted to hear your opinion and thanks. Yes it is long, and it's weird, after I saw it, I really had nothing to say except I thought the cinematography was beautiful. I usually have more of an opinion!

Are you reading the last book right now?

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I'm glad i'm not the only one who thought that! the only interesting part was when dumbledore died... and then it was over:) it was cool to see how grown up all the cast are now.

i'm reading the 4th one now, but i'm only a few pages in so i might lose interest..do you read the books?

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I get frustrated sometimes over the bad acting, but I do enjoy watching them all grow up too. I'm going to see it again sometime and then see if I still feel this way.

I've read all the books and I think JK Rowling is amazingly clever in so many ways!!! Can you imagine sitting in a coffee shop and scribbling down ideas on a napkin that turn into such amazing stories? I just love it. :)

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I struggle too much to put things into words, so no. I think designing plot ideas might be interesting though. Really, I'd rather design art ideas, like a series of paintings that explore a way of looking at the world that brings the viewer into the here and now in a fresh, expressive way.

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yeah me too. but i wish the harry potter sort was real...! do you believe in psychics..? my friend is trying to make me go to a psychic with her and i'm not sure whether i should or not... that's kinda like magic isn't it..?

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I've met a few. They are interesting, but it is much more important, I think, to develop your own way of knowing the truth of things, accept your limitations but also believe in yourself and your ability to grow and learn. There is so much to the big wide world out there, and there's also a big wide world on the inside too. Having to rely on what someone else tells you about these wonders instead experiencing some of it yourself is kind of sad.

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my mother used to go to psychics years ago and they told her all this crap about there being ghosts in our house and then she would come home and scare me about it:)

I think it's so strange how we dream about people we've never seen or met in our lives before.. sorry i'm being so random..

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No, there are many mysteries we never no what to do with, I think that is just being honest!!! I wouldn't get too carried away with what someone else is telling you about these things, ghosts in your house. The point is, what do you think? I would try to talk to the ghost and if the ghost didn't feel like talking to me, well then I would respect his privacy and move on:p

Catch ya latter, Blossom, I've got to go tidy up!!!:)

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i think i had a good day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had a nice looooong sleep, i ate my vegetables, i was a nice daughter, and i didn't feel too sad:) then my 2 cousins came over and that was really cool because i hadn't seen one of them in months because she had been in canada alllll summer, so then we went to the movies and seen "the proposal"!!!!!! it was brilliant and i got some coke and now i'm all warm and fuzzy inside:):)it was a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thanks starry, i think my happiness is nearly gone though...:)

it never lasts.. i know i said i wouldn't complain about work.............but the thoughts of it is killin' me.....:(:( how're things going for you now?

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