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my main problem right now (i think) is that i don't feel like i'm fitting in very well with anyone in my college. i'm really bad at making conversation. everyone seems to have found a group to hang out with. even the people who came here with me from my course last year have found new groups of friends now and i barely see them. it's kinda lonely. i thought i'd meet lots of people like me here but i was wrong.. everyone seems so normal and noone gets me. i dunno.. i get on ok with my housemates but they're so different from me and we have nothing in common except art. they're all gone out tonight so it's just me at home because i'm a loser. kinda sucks. .


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Yeah, but how much chance have you had to meet people like you? If they're really shy, like you are, how would you know? Would they have had the courage to talk to a big brave ginger dog yet? The thing is, it's harder to find the quiet ones, and so much more rewarding that it's worth the wait. Give yourself time.

Are you at home because you're a loser, or because you said no when they asked you? I think I know.

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well....i'm at home because i said no. i don't feel like drinking after last night because it makes me sad.

i'm not really really shy. i can talk. when i drink i can talk lots and i really have been trying. i have made some friends but they already have groupies.

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So, that's not loserly. Sounds like a choice, to me.

Well, I can talk, too, with people I've already talked to. :-)

Is that kinda what you mean?

I don't think I ever knew someone who was famous enough to have groupies. Maybe you could be a groupie's friend? :-) Or maybe you could spray some groupie repellent around ...

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Yep, I avoid those situations, too, when I can. And when I do have to venture into them, I usually go with a friend, and work out with them beforehand how we're going to deal with the situation. Lots of people out there don't enjoy large gatherings, hon. It's not that hard to find one or two others who will either avoid them with you ;-) or would go with you as a team of sorts.

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Yeah, no one says that just because you share a bedroom at random, you have to hang out with them.

Remember 'finding's Myers-Briggs test: we Introverts are never going to enjoy Extrovert gatherings. That's okay, we can enjoy Extroverts one-on-one (or small groups). And they can enjoy each other in packs, if they want. ;-)

Who cares if they can drink like fish? I'm not aware of a single life situation that requires that skill. In fact, in many ways, those who can handle those situations without drinking at all are the coolest of all. But hey, I'm prejudiced. :-)

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they're so messy aswel. i thought i was messy but they're so much messier. they don't wash up after themselves atall and they leave leftover food everywhere. i had to clean it all up today. it was horrible.

what is a myers-briggs test?

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Myers-Briggs, if I've spelled it correctly, are those personality tests that were going around a few weeks ago ... All I know is that I'm an INTJ, by their code.

Hah, don't clean up after them, that's what their mothers are for. Just do your own, if you can stand it. That's how they'll learn.

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Well, if you turn into Cinderella, finding's going to have to switch from helicopter to pumpkin-coach, and I'm not sure mouse-horses can swim ...

You might have to get mad at them and set some minimum standards, like no going out while there are dirty dishes in the sink, or food on the couch, or whatever. Or get that girl's pigs-head in, to show them they're living like pigs. :-)

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ha no way am i leaving them a note. that could make me veerrrrrrry unpopular...

noone would know who i am if i dressed up as cinderella. i don't really like cinderella anyway. the little mermaid was always my favourite.

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Meh, well, being their maid would make you popular, but kinda defeats the purpose of you going to college ... Perhaps 'popular' is overrated.

You have the advantage, with Little Mermaid, of not needing a wig. :-) Saves money for the tail.

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yeah. popular IS overrated..

they're a little intimidating sometimes just because they all look like supermodels.

when i was small i thought i was the little mermaid until i realised i couldn't swim....:(

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Supermodels are overrated, too ...

Spindly little things that can't eat and spend a fortune on makeup.

I can just imagine the whole story that goes with that 'realised' ... :-) Didn't you see your feet? (That is an adorable story already.)

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