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why come i don't make sense...?



i dunno why but i'm afraid to write what i need to write.. or maybe i'm not afraid and i just can't? i dunno everything is so mixed up inside me. i feel stupid writing about it anyway because it's not that important.


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Hey Blossom

Nothing is never not important (my English teacher would have kittens after that sentence).

Its your blog, write what you want.

I hope you don't really mean what is on your new avator?. Don't even joke about that, no one is entitled to call you stupid, even you!

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hi goose and marky!!!

i know i can write whatever i want here but it's so mixed up inside me i don't think i can get it out..

what i need to write about is my invisibility and how my brain blocks things out:( but i can't..

i am stupid though.

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apparently i become very still and i stop breathing and then noone sees me and i put up a barrier. that's why noone talks to me..

i dunno how my brain blocks things but it's a big problem lately:(

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Hmm. I know that I sometimes put up a barrier (get a look on my face, probably) so that people don't talk to me. But I know they still see me, they don't bump into me or anything! :-)

One idea I had was that maybe your thinking is getting ahead of your writing. So, before you're done writing thought #1, you're already on to #2, and when you're done writing #1, you may be on to #5. And when you hit #6, for some reason, that thought makes all the writing seem useless. Does that sound reasonable?

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