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i feel like a sad blossom.



i hurt my back in work today.

now i have a headache.

and everything's still the same.

but who cares anyway. it's only me.

tomorrow will be the exact same. i have to work 1-9 again. i wish ii could bang my stupid head off something real hard until it goes numb and everything will go away and leave me alone. i just want to forget. i keep getting chest pains too. stupid me:(


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well i had a really shit weekend. ykw was really mean to me and then to top it off someone stole my name:(i dunno. everything seems to be getting worse instead of better. i wish i could just quit.

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hey blossom, I care :( I hope you have a better day tomorrow. One day things will be different, as much as it seems like it will always suck just the same, but really, there will be changes, and hopefully they're changes for the better. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better.

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hey, thanks Jj.

today kinda sucked but i suppose it was better than being in work. i've got the flu:( so typical. i had it for halloween aswel. i just really really don't want to go to work tomorrow..that's all. i'm dreading it. it's so cold here right now.

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aww, blossom.

sorry your ill again hun :)

maybe you shouldnt go into work tomorrow hun, and rest up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate, ooohhh and chocolate. hope you warm up soon hun.

Take care


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i wish i could call in sick. i really don't feel up to going to work. i even found it hard to do my shopping today and that is really unusual for me. daddy and ykw say i have to go to work tomorrow though. it'll be so horrible because the shop does be so packed and it's really claustrophobic and i'll probably be put on tills all day like yesterday and the day before and then the new manager keeps following me around and telling me what to do and she keeps callling me "laurs" and i don't like iit one bit. she's only known me like week. but whatever. i'm just in a pissed off mood. it would be nice if my family would at least believe me when i say i'm sick but they say i'm just looking for attention but i'm not. they don't even care about me obviously. if they cared they'd let me stay home tomorrow and rest so that maybe i'll be a little better for christmas day but no. who cares if i'm sick for all of christmas. this will be the shittest christmas ever. this is the third christmas in a row that i've had the flu for.

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i know i'm complaining and whining again:(



i'm in bed right now wearing 2 pairs of pajamas, 3 blankets, and gloves and i can't stop shaking. and my head could explode at any time.

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yeah i just called in sick. everyone is angry at me now for not going and saying i 'm good for nothing. i don't see what the big deal is anyway. i'm sick so why shouldn't i take a sick day?? when i rang work and told my manager, she didn't mind, she said she could tell i had the flu from my voice. so if she can see that i'm sick why can't my family when they're right here???? who cares anyway. i'm just tired of all this. now i'll have to listen to them give out to me for the whole day and tell me how useless i am. what a great christmas.

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i don't understand why everything has to be so hard. everyone is fighting with me because i'm sick. it makes no sense. i really don't need to be told how useless i am right now. i feel bad enough already. daddy kinda stormed off somewhere in the car and ykw is still here making sure i don't forget what a bad bad person i am. i tried ringing daddy to see where he was and he hung up when he heard my voice. i'm so confused right now. it doesn't make sense. noone cares about me. i may aswel be dead.

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