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my day started out good coz i was really excited about starting painting. when i got to college we were told to stick up the 4 self-portraits we had painted of ourself on our wall space. my first "surprise" was that my old tutor from last semester [yeah, the one that HATES me and everything i do] is one of my painting tutors this week. great. then my next surprise was that we have to paint naked man nearly every evening. i will be drawing naked man after lunch:( in 15 minutes.

anyway, then the 3 tutors came around to everyone and looked at our portraits. it was really scary:( when they got to mine they didn't say much just that they were good and the mean tutor told me i have a broad forehead and that pissed me off because i don't want to have a broad forehead:( i dunno what's wrong with me:( i'm sad. and my hearing is gone in one ear and i'm dizzy still.


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Well, if you did drop dead in painting, at least no one would notice the naked guy for a while. :-P

"Dead" isn't something you can make an on again, off again decision about, sweet Blossomy.

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Or ... you could take off all your clothes before dropping dead, and that would take care of two birds with one stone ...

Yeah, I guess I'm not helping, eh? :-P

My day hasn't been that great, either.

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i am doomed. my heart hurts. i dunno why. i can't stop it. i don't want to be like this forever. everything hurts inside me. the bad feeling keeps coming back everyday and it won't let me do anything. it won't let me paint right. i just want it to go away. i dunno what's wrong everything just hurts a lot and i just want a hug but i can't have one. i don't want to go back to college. everyone is better than me. no way will i get picked for painting. then i'll have to drop out and i'll be even more of a failure and everyone will hate me more. then i'll be even more doomed.

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i hate college. the minute i step into the building all i want to do is get out. i hate having to stay there til half 4 every day. it's like torture because i don't want to be there:(

i was supposed to like painting. it was the only thing really keeping me in college but it turns out i'm crap at it and i have no hope of getting picked to do it next year. who cares anyway. it doesn't matter coz i hate it. ii'm so angry right now. stupid tutor hates me. all she does is insult my work and then asks "is that ok??" what do ya want me to do, nod and smile? asshole.

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Frownies, and finding pictures of dead insects.

Because I don't know; it might help you, in which case I'd join in.

Or it might make you feel worse, in which case I'd suggest you think of something else to do.

But it would depend on whether it helps or hurts.

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