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well, i dunno what to saaaaaaaay.....

but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


something freaked me out a little but if it's meant to be i suppose it's meant to be!!!!


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i dunno how to explain it!!! she kinda finds all the negative energy in your body and gets rid of it!!! so that there's only positive energy left! i feel so much clearer now!!!

well, she told me A LOT of stuff!!!

but what scared me was the part where she hinted that i would have a baby in 2 years...

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well... actually ya kinda do!!!! it just depends who your company issssssssssss:D

i heard about this woman through some friends.

but i've been googling about it and there's lots of stuff on the internet!

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well i feel kinda clearer!!!! she told me lots of true stuff..

she told me that there are 3 geopathic stress lines in my room in college and they are making me feel bad. so she gave me a copper pipe that i have to saw into 4 places and stick on the floor in my bedroom exactly where she told me to [she drew me a diagram] she says there is a whirlwind things on the right side of my bed that sucks my energy so i need to try sleep on the other side.

she took all the bad energy out of me through my head. i could feel it going up through my back and now i have a headache after it. she said my spirit protector came into the room at one point!!! then she told me it was ykw's mother's mother. she described her to me and i told ykw and she says that's exactly what she looked like!

she told me something about daddy that is true!

she was able to read my art tutor from last year through me and said she is having a negative effect on my energy so she helped me let go of that energy! she says i will have very little contact with her in the future.

she says i will be in a relationship in about 3 months but i'll have to go through a few doormaths first before i find the right one.

she told me that i need to join a debate team in college and need to do a course on assertiveness.

she says i am good at sensing peoples energy so i could probably be a kinesiologist or do colour therapy.

i dunno she told me lots and lots of stuff!!! and helped me!

she says i have to start taking tissue salts 2 + 8, flaxseed oil + olive oil every day.

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whoa i had the strangest dreams last night!

i ended up going to bed reeeeeeeally early last night coz i was so tired after having all the bad energy taken from me.

i didn't have a great sleep though coz i kept waking up and feeling either too hot or too cold. but my dreams still carried on even though i kept waking. i dreamt that mammy had another baby!!! and it was another girl. she called it the strangest name. i got a new cat aswel called bam-bam!!!

then i dreamt about college too i think.. and there was lots more but i caan't remember!!

today is valentines day!!! but valentines day is a touchy subject in this house so we kinda have to pretend it doesn't exist. that's fine by me coz i hate valentines day anyway!

i feel balanced :D)

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kinda a little freaked out right now. this is my first night back in my college room since visiting the kinesiologist and i'm too scared to sleep because of all the "geopathic stress lines" around my bed.. i've stuck the copper down on the ground like she asked me to but i'm really scared because she told me i should get out of this place asap because it's bad for me.. but i can't coz the rent is already paid for the year. so that's why she gave me the copper pipe pieces to put on my floor. she said it would help until i can move out.

i'm scaaaared :"o( and i don't wanna be on my own. but i'm not on my own really am i? coz now i have a spirit protector aswel and that shouldn't scare me because she's a nice old lady but it does scare me a lot because the word "spirit" really really really freaks me out. i think i might cry. i'm only alllowed to sleep on the right half of my bed coz there is a whirlpool thing sucking my energy while i sleep on the left but what if i accidently turn over in my sleep ???? what if something bad happens :D(

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well nothing has changed from the last time you slept there, right?

I mean, if you do the things she told you it can only be better, not worse? The worse that can happen is it stays the same?

I think if you put the copper down and try to stay on the right side, you could only feel better, so it's actually a good thing?

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i hope so star-star!!!

i just looked up geopathic stress on google.

it says it prevents your body from fighting off bacteria and cancerous cells and stuff like that so i think i've figured out why i've been getting so many colds!!!

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hmm, this sounds kind of interesting. I would like to know how to fight off cancerous cells. Is everyone supposed to only sleep on the right side of the bed? Or is everyone different? Cause I always sleep on the left side, I don't think I could sleep on the right. :eek:

Anyway, this wil be a cool way to test and see if you start to get less colds! :D

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I just gave it a quick look, it looks complicated!

It can be freaky especially if you're too lazy to find out what your geopathic stress lines are!

Can you figure it out for yourself or do you have to go to a person like you did?

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she drew me a map of the layout of my bedroom and she drew exactly where the lines are and she says they are crossing and that makes it even worse. so then she marked out where i have to stick down the copper pipe.

oh goooooooood i just got the biggest fright ever.... :D(

one of the neighbours just came up to my window and started knocking and he scaaaaaaared me..... !

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