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I understand blossom.

I have lots of thoughts there but I won't mess up your blog with them. But, I dont know why people are the way they are, but I bet whoever it is you're talking about doesn't even see anything wrong with their behavior.

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my housemates use me all the time. except for one of them .

they only talk to me when they want something. like today in college i was walking to class and i passed one of them and said hi. she looked right at me and said nothing. just kept walking. then when i got home this evening she completely ignored me again and then later on when i was in my room doing art she came in asking to borrow my paints. people only see me when they need something.

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are you sure?

you can delete this if you dont want it here.

it's just that something similiar has been on my mind.

For me, being used, or what I feel is someone using me, is kind of my own fault for never speaking up, never saying no, always trying to keep peace, keep people happy, not make people mad, make people like me. Sort of like that thread out there jetliner started about people pleasing. I allow people to walk all over me, use me, go above and beyond. Not even that I mind doing it, or want anything in return, or even acknowledgement. But still, I find myself becoming bitter. It's just shocking to me how selfish people can be. And sometimes I find it hurtful that someone can care that little, and never inconvenience themselves in the slightest for you, meanwhile you bend over backwards for them. And for what? Just because you're a nice person? I'm talking about one person inparticular right now, but I've had this experience with so many people. I never speak up, so my needs are always last. But there's this one person, and I really find it awful how "all about her" it always is. And if I even dare to ask her for a favor she practically laughs in my face. I'm talking about a woman who works down the hall from me, the one who I went to her house yesterday to make jewelry. I guess you could call her my friend, even though it feels like a very one sided friendship. Kind of like as long as I keep doing favors for her, she'll keep being my friend. Sorry, that's why I wasn't gonna write this here it's your blog, I didnt mean to talk about me. But I know what you mean, for what it's worth.

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yeah blossom, I understand, I dont know why people are like that, it's just not in me I guess, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back here, but I just feel like there are so many people like that, and I don't understand it. I'm sorry your house mates treat you that way, it really is messed up. :(

Good night blossom, I hope tomorrow is more positive for you :o

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i'm glad you get what i mean but i'm sorry she's using you:O(

i wish everyone could just be happy and be real friends to each other.

this world sucks.

now i gotta go to bed!

thanks for sharing your story star-star.

sweet dreams!

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see, what ya do is mix vodka red bull and a dissolvable vit c tablet thingy together and it gives ya a reeeeeeeal boost!!!


vodka and red bull is popular.

i drink cheap vodka coz it works best.

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