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i want to die please help


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I'm sorry you're feeling so distressed. Your life has meaning, smol. I am here and listening.

Change and uncertainty can feel frightening. Let's take a deep breath together. We don't know what the future might hold. I do hear your fears. :( 

Is there someone there with you tonight? If not, can you reach out for help? I'm glad you reached out here. I hope you can hold on, one moment at a time. 

Take care of yourself and welcome to our little corner of the internet. I hope to hear more about you, as you feel more comfortable sharing.

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Hello, welcome,

I know Trump is frightening and can do crazy unexpected things, but at the same time, I don't see a way how his presidency could be an actual danger for your life when you're gay. People around you don't change due to a change in the Oval office. I understand that the elections create panic, so you're frightened, but I suppose you're overreacting and exaggerating the risks and dangers due to all the emotions. I hope you can calm down and see your life from a more rational perspective. I suppose there are people who would miss you, but even if there aren't now, it doesn't mean you "don't matter" or that you can't find love and friendships in the future.

Take care and keep posting!

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I'm sorry if I sounded too dismissive - as if I didn't understand :o ... It seems to me my post is somehow "too rational" but doesn't "relate" enough... I think it's also because I have too little info about you, your situation, and your worries. Would you like to write more?

I hope you'll feel calmer and better soon...

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