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I dont know whats wrong with me...


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Im 16 and im ADHD i take addiral (or how ever you spell it), i spend a lot of my time in my room asleep, talking to my boyfriend or reading. But i have random moments where i start crying and i had one in front of my boyfriend, he got worried, these random moments can last seconds to hours, hes the only one that knows about them. When he comes over we watch t.v., wrestl, and etc...but when we take him back home or if he walks to far away from me i feel like im about to cry and it makes me feel weak, i dont like it. Dont think im crazy but i am bullied....but not by people, everyone has a few voices in there head and i do too but they bully me the one nice voice i can no longer hear that much. No im not crazy. So i wanted to see if someone can help me. If your going to call me crazy plz dont answer me because all i got to say to that is "all the best people are crazy"

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Welcome to the community, KaiaThewolf. There is no judgment here; we're all human and we all have struggles.

Are the spells of crying you have been experiencing new since you started taking medication or has this been ongoing for you?

I think it's good that you have awareness of your inner voices and how you are treating yourself. What do you think the bullying part's purpose is? Has anyone else in your life ever talked to you this way? Are you also able to get in touch with the part of you who is kind to you?

I'm glad you reached out here. Self care is very important. We are here to listen and support you. Do you also have a therapist there to share your feelings and concerns with? 

Take care, Kaia.

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Idk when the random crying started but it got worse after the first time my bf broke up with me. When he did i cried for almost 5 hours till i passed out...i think....but he was 14(now 15) and im 16....he...got scared...because of what we did and broke up with me. I bottle up my emotions i use to make myself cry every few weeks or months when i was alone. For the question "What do you think the bullying part's purpose is?" to make me go crazy, to doubt myself, to want to disappear, to feel useless, to feel ugly. For the question  "Has anyone else in your life ever talked to you this way?" I dont remember i have a bad memory. For the question "Are you also able to get in touch with the part of you who is kind to you?" not really its impossible to hear her over the others but when im with my boyfriend they mostly go away untill i try to think...and no one knows about this....once i told a family member what the voices said and then they said that i will be put in a mental hospital if i speak my mind.....

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