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Most days, my dick is either turtled inside my body with only a bit of loose skin visible, or it's a nub protruding just enough so the head is exposed facing outward, not down.

Both suck, from a size perspective, but i think the nub is even worse than the retracted state because of the friction. Whether i wear tight or loose underwear, it rubs when i walk and is pretty much unbearable.

I've tried different ways of handling this over the years, including:

- trying to constantly keep myself semi-aroused so it pushes past my balls enough so the tip isn't rubbing. This is sort of maddening because i have to be horny all the time to pull it off.

- just give up and tuck it inside my body. This works well at the gym or when it's cold, but it inflames my feelings of unmanliness and worthlessness

- sticking some kind of barrier between my junk and my underwear... sock, band-aid, plastic wrap... this never helped and usually made things worse

And now that i've been using the bathmate, i find the turtling solution isn't an option. I resist turtling absolutely. So i'm back to the overstimulating myself so i can have a 2.5 to 3" semi and pass the dreaded nub range.

Am i the only one here with this issue?

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I'm not sure I've experienced what you describe, but I don't like touching mine. It just feels pathetic. What I hate is when I sit on a toilet and have to physically push my dick down so I don't piss outside the bowl. That is humiliating and should provide reams of grist for the legions of assholes surfing the Internet. My dick doesn't even get hard anymore. I avoid touching or looking at myself as much as possible.

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I do that Klingsor, it's a must. Either that or piss through the seat right on your boxers lol, just one of those things, plus, who wants their dick touching the bowl? The Bathmate helps with hard on strength, I've noticed an improvement. A few nights ago me and my missus technically had the best sex we've ever had (by technically, I mean for her, I was in a lot of pain but powered through). The next day she showered me with kisses and nuzzles and I felt like she'd cheated. Like if I perform like that she's all mushy and loved up, but if it was regular sex it wouldn't be like that. I can't even enjoy a tick in the win column, I have to over analyse it instead of just enjoying it. But I felt it was out of the ordinary even for me, and if I performed like that regularly she'd be happier. She loves being on top with her hands on my chest, but it fucking kills me, I hate it, I felt like she was gonna rip my tits off and I'd normally throw her off or stop it, but I didn't for once. Now I feel like she'd love that all the time, It's one glorious mind fuck. 

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Hi @Lodz,

My dick does basically the same thing as yours. I'm either turtling or just the head is sticking straight out. I'm not sure what your typical clothing is (day to day) but I wear dress pants most days with shorts at home and on the weekends unless it's too cold out and then I'll wear jeans.

In jeans I rub due to the compression of the jeans in that area but with dress pants and cotton or microfleece underwear it seems to be okay.

This post reminds me of when I was a kid. I went to a Christian school so every Wednesday we had to wear dress pants (6th grade and up). I remember the first time I wore dress pants, in 6th grade, I didn't know what to do with my cock. If I just let it "hang" then it was sticking straight out and I could tell in the dress pants (I think they must have fit somewhat tighter back then or else I was super paranoid) and pushing it down did not seem to be an option so when I put my undies on I would "pin" it against my stomach, erection style, to reduce the "outward" presence of it in dress pants. It never wanted to stay that way and throughout the day it was constantly slide down back into the "pointing' position so I had to readjust frequently. It's actually sad to think about now but I honestly did not know what to do with my cock to keep it from looking like a mini teepee. At that time I was super skinny (5'11" and about 145 lbs) so it didn't turtle as much as it does now. I actually think the turtling makes it easier because it is somewhat protected.

I hate the fact that mine turtles. Nothing annoys me more than this and I would much prefer the head sticking out than nothing at all but everyone has their preferences. Since mine turtles more than anything else I typically have no problems with dress pants or jeans but I think that I would rather live with that problem than feel like I don't even have a dick when I pull my pants down.

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37 minutes ago, Klingsor said:

What I hate is when I sit on a toilet and have to physically push my dick down so I don't piss outside the bowl. That is humiliating and should provide reams of grist for the legions of assholes surfing the Internet.

I know this problem all too well. I've pissed through the seat and on my clothes more than I can probably count. I end up keeping one hand on my cock and pushing it down while leaning forward with my elbows on my knees. This is the only way that I can ensure I don't piss everywhere.

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That sounds wonderful, but I understand the pressure of performing all too well. I really miss being with a woman. I only had 3 girlfriends my whole life, actual sex maybe 12 times. Maybe. By sex I mean penetration. I've never climaxed with a girl nor has the girl, to my knowledge. It was pathetic. I have no energy to discuss my issues. I'm a porn addicted wreck with ED. I bought a Bathmate, maybe it will help. It's wonderful that she was treating you that way, cherish those moments.

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@Klingsor I know what you're saying, and I do kind of cherish every successful field trip, every erection is a miracle to be honest. It just felt in comparison to other performances (where she came through penetration) this was better and more intense for her. To be fair, my mother was visiting and the naughtiness and 'be quiet' factor always makes it sexier. Just overthinking everything in my tired state. Working is killing me physically, my feet are like minced meat and my back aches. 

Ona lighter note, if anyone is interested, especially anyone who suffers from the dreaded bulge or lack there of, I'm making my own underwear again. It's a new concept with a bra foam cup system making jeans look better. I think I may have cracked it this time, I just have to learn some basic sewing skills (bought a sewing machine, I'm in the process of doing sewing machine lessons) so I can make the prototype properly and start to actually make something that helps anyone going through this. My designs seem to be on point, just need to commit get some done. I'll open a dedicated thread when I'm done. 

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