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Service Dog?


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Hi, I'm a kid with anxiety, depression, OCD, anorexia,  bipolar II, early psychosis, ADHD, and Asperger's, though the list is subject to change. My mental health has been on the decline as of late, and I was taken out of school to be put in a  program where I can spend the day working on tactics to improve my mental health. However, I feel that I am still on the rapid decline. Symptoms keep appearing and disappearing, and I honestly feel like the world is crumbling beneath my feet. I honestly don't know if anything is going to be worth it, or if everything's just going to continue to get worse, but I could never actually bring myself to harm myself in any way. I have been wondering if a service dog would help with my crippling panic attacks and, well, everything else. I have other dogs at home, and am in a stable environment. I have tried many other types of thearpies and medicines, but only a few have worked. I am curious as to if a service dog would benefit me, and if I should pursue that path or try a different method of treatment. I don't take the idea lightly and understand that it is a decade long commitment, be it one that I am willing to make.

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Hello, Turtle, welcome! :) 

It sounds like a very good idea to me! But I have to admit I don't know much about it, so take it only as a subjective impression.

By chance, I've recently heard this about emotional support animals - I recommend it to you, perhaps it'll answer at least some of your questions (although the main question there was very different, they explain the concept of such animals pretty well):


Good luck and take care! 

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A service dog might be a good idea, though I don't know why your current dogs couldn't do the job.  I think it's something to discuss with your parents and your mental health team, though.

Just don't try to take your support peacock on a plane with you ...


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Hi Turtle. :-)

Animals can be very therapeutic. Service dogs are specially trained and if you have the paperwork, I believe you can take your service dog with you anywhere. It's something I have considered for my daughter as well. We have 2 dogs already, but neither of our dogs would be suitable for the job. You might need to go through the county mental health in your area. Maybe your parents could help you with this (as long as they agree)?

I hope that whether or not you decide to pursue this option, that you continue to consider different ways to help yourself. 

Take care, Turtle.

As an aside, of it was permitted, I could totally see my daughter E taking a support chicken or turkey with her while traveling...

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