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Hi just reaching out to any one here that has anxiety to the point it is ruining my life right now i have no self confidence and feel i will loose my partner soon as i cannot control how it is making me feel , i feel he is often looking at others with a view to bin me as my mental health is so bad, i feel ugly fat and unattractive i cannot change my negative thoughts and im waiting on counselling but im in limbo right now , i am afraid to tell him what i feel i see him doing and some time i wonder is it because i am expecting it , i could go on for ever some tips on how to cope with the gut wrenching anxiety would be so greatful, all i do when i am alone is cry over it , my love for him is so strong yet i am in self destruct mode 

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Hello precious. 'Doing' rather than thinking may help? When I had anxiety that was the way I coped, activities like walking, very simple creative stuff, joining a mental health support group, trying to read self help books.

It's really difficult I know, but may help change your thoughts even if only for a little while at first.

Interesting that you feel bad about yourself, but chose the forum name 'precious',  because of course you are, even if you don't think so right now.


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Welcome to the community, Precious.

Are you able to listen to your needs and care for yourself through these distressful times? When in self destruct mode (I have been there), it can be easy to abandon yourself. :(

Deep breathing helps me to center myself. I try to slow my responses down, sit with myself, and be present. . Anything that frees the mind could be helpful.  Everyone is different though, I think, and your needs might be different. Jazz has some good suggestions with exercise and art/creativity. I also agree with Vic that the combination of medication and therapy might also be helpful. Has anything been helpful  to you in the past?

I hope you feel better, Precious.

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I believe that relationships are built on trust and communication.

If you can talk to your partner about how you feel and receive support than you are in a good, healthy, relationship.

If you having anxieties will drive him away, than I think it wasn't such a good relationship in the first place and maybe you shouldn't be too sad about losing it.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck.

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