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:D I'm glad my first guess was right.

How are you doing, Daltoid? 

I know that gender dysphoria is often accompanied by depression and anxiety :(. May I ask how it is for you; have the depression and anxiety been caused by this dysphoria and/or by not feeling accepted by your family and/or peers? Or are there also some other reasons for these issues, unrelated to gender dysphoria?

Also, may I ask if you're in some kind of therapy?


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Most likely they're related, due to being from (redacted) (where there are stupid "transitioning rules" like how one has to undergo all the surgeries just to change one's gender marker to the opposite gender, and along with that, gay marriage is void, and my mom had to go talk to one of my therapists first (as he's a leader of a local LGBTQ+ organization) to make sure the "youth weren't being corrupted by LGBT+ issues", ugh), even though generally people around me were supportive. I currently go see two therapists, along with a hypnotherapist, and a psychiatrist (am on antidepressants). 

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I'm also from a country (in Europe) where all those rules you mentioned are applied and gay marriage (even any legal partnership!) is impossible. Yes, I'm lucky it doesn't concern me in practice, but it annoys me and I consider it absurd and cruel.

I imagine it has to be very difficult to consider decisions regarding such surgeries. Yes, some people know very well they want them, but for others, it's more or less hard to decide what to do based on the stupid rules, put in place by politicians who have no idea how it feels... :( I think that there is probably hope the rules will once change, but I have no idea when it might be, so this uncertainty is also playing a big role...

Anyway; I'm happy to hear that you've found good therapists and know supportive people around you! Would you tell us more about them, about your friends and about some activities that you can enjoy?

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@LaLa Well I like art and listening to music, and the people who have been supportive includes my therapist, named Fiona, who has tried to help me cope with dysphoria a bit more (say via mirroring), and has done research for me to help me, which is nice. Another person would be my math/chem tutor, who happens to be trans, and I met him through a local LGBTQ+ affirmative church, which doubles as a LGBTQ+ library from 2-6pm on Saturdays (but you have to be 18 and older to check out books, so that's a bit annoying). 

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