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Who would you rather be in this situation?

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I'm jealous over my friend having a bigger penis than me, it's all I think about how much I envy him for it, but I'm wondering if my height matters to girls as much as his penis size does

Bone pressed (since I'm a lot fatter than he is) I'm around 6-6.5 (varies a lot, 4.7NBP), he's 7.5BP (7NBP)

In height, he's 5'4, I'm 6'3, and I'm trying to convince myself I have as much of an advantage in height as he does in penis size but my thoughts just keep coming full circle to 'his dick is bigger than mine therefore he is better than me'

Do you guys think some girls would prefer me for my height over him for his penis size?

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Your mindset is affecting you 10 times more than your dick size or your height. Women like tall men and they like big dicks, but insecurity will send them running regardless. I am 5'6 and have a not quite 4" dick. When i was single, i feared that i couldn't get women to like me because of those facts about me. But i faced the fear and put myself out there and i was very wrong. Yeah, there are women who won't look at me twice because of my height, and yeah there are women who i never heard from again after disclosing my dick size, but guess what. There were women who thought i was sexy and loved how i was in bed. Women who fell in love with me and vice versa. Women whose hearts i broke because i felt too insecure to put myself fully into a relationship for fear of always being too small. That fear never went away, but i am married with kids now, because i faced the fear and had some faith that i am worthy.

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If you play emotions, you'll never win. If you play the numbers, you can't lose. If you can bear the fleeting rejection of 49 women to get the 1 woman who is exactly what you want, play the numbers. Sovereignty is key. You don't need her, you want her. No desperation, just a stoic self belief. Your cock is smaller than your friends, but it isn't small. Go take what you want. 

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