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Its not easy to live on my own. Used to go to a mates house but basically you told me that due to hygiene reasons I am not allowed to go to his. Then he has another mate he hangs out with and excluded because they don't invite me to go to places with them like drinking not yet I drink a lot am a teetotaler and a non smoker. So basically I feel isolated when I am on my own :)

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I ran an extension cord into the bathroom w an electric heater.  

If you ever must take a cold shower here is what worked for me:

1) just run the water little more than a trickle 

2) Use your hands to wet your body down to get used to it 

3) Shampooing the head is not a problem as the cold water doesn't bother the head.  It is torture on the upper back.  

4) Eventually you do have to get under the shower to get the shampoo off and clean your body.  It's sucks but it is doable and some people find it exhilarating.  I was not one of those people and would curse up a storm.  

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If I have to, like if can't get to a shower at all (one time it broke). I take a bucket wash. I fill a bucket up with the kettle, get the temp just right, then take a cup and get myself wet. Soap up everywhere and pour cups on myself until I'm soap free. Same with the hair. Then when I'm done, pour the rest of the bucket over my head. Next best thing. I tried taking cold showers, it's no picnic. 

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Sorry for so long and a bit off topic..... 

Dude, it sounds like you know what you need to do. So like these nice guys are giving you solutions, I say make solutions for yourself brother,. Another rule, if you can smell yourself some, this means others can smell you more extremely, Some are more sensitive to smell. So get with a buddy and when you can smell yourself ask them or a male stranger, and ask dude , i know im weird but between you and me, How much do I smell, between dudes lots of stuff is speakable, but lie to how you got smelly if your self conscious. But between you and me fellas when Im off for a couple of days, I like to not shower and bum around, I really like YOTH's solution two buckets, just in case the one bucket gets to soapy you have back up, or use the shower. 

Tangent time, /...All that frontal cortex stuff, I promise if you use dedication with self affirmations, even if some one puts you down self affirm afterwards, I was in jail a couple of times and grew up poor, so its a lifetime progressive lifestyle self affirming in the mirror before you go to sleep and when you wake up, wake up 30 min. early. if you are not using a personal journal , please do so this will be another soul( being ). that you can communicate with your concious and subscious. As you grow you will see self progress. Fellas challedge yourselves, I am very slowly changing my mindset on me and money, This stuff all takes time and if your not dead , you have enough time to change, 35  years of what you guys , I am seeing you dont, know is just not knowing, you guys realize you have convinced yourself there is no other way , then what will change if there is and you sit there with hands crossed.

Tangent time,,,,On a personal note: about myself, being that i Thought my mother didnt trust doctors is why I never fully trusted doctors, especially growing up a latch key child , I was able to see other families, because I didnt know how to cook so always went from house to house hanging with friends, and ended up eating dinner with them, realized some people really spoke with their families about almost all things unless they were strictly male or female issues.   In realizing this as an adult all you need is a group of guys to keep each other accountable to work on themselves. Nothing , Im saying to me, was easy, but you have to do stuff to change your future, somethings once you get a women makes you feel like you may not have the issue anymore but women are humans and self preservation many times gets people to try to take advantage of thing like our issues, so work on your self alot before engaging women, sharpen your mind with other men,  Being short and bullied , i realize there will always be someone bigger and badder so in my mind what a man is some one responsive to their responsibilities, and hetero, thats my personal definition. If your homosexual you  will have to find your answer for you. we were born alone we will die alone, kind of bleak but reality is true and you can rely on truth, even when it hurts, as far as girls I promise its a numbers game. These are my thoughts, you might not like them. 

Tangent time,,,,,We have to change, for me , I appreciate reading your questions and replies, because I am realizing, that we have to change or else why are we exposing ourselves, ( end game) , or just here to ease  enough of the pain  to just exist. Brothers we are worth so much more, tangent time. yes this whole womens movement has been going on for decades. Reading history, im sure, people that control the world are using this to their advantage, I remember when women for years have fought for this freedom , but why after all these years finally are able to do this.  People have had tape recorders for decades,  and video camaras.  Who allowed so many women to be able to take control.  I can make more sense of this later have to work ask or argue its all good.

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