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  1. Do not be afraid to joke about this topic.

You just cannot do without self-irony. If it has happened that your weight is not your strong point, then at least, be able to make the most of it. Of course, you should not perform stand-up comedy in front of all the guys you’ve just met and tell them how cruel nature can be, but you should learn to laugh and joke about being fat

  1. Respect what you have.

How will someone love you if you don’t like yourself? Insecurity is much worse than being overweight. So, first of all, learn to behave naturally at the moment when everything comes to being overweight. 

  1. Your problem is not exceptional.

Many women are fat, but they happily live with it. Do you know why? They do not know that they're fat. For these girls, being fat is normal, and they are immensely proud of it. Moreover, their men are also satisfied with everything. They just do not perceive this as a problem, and men have a normal attitude to this state of affairs.

  1. Experiment.

Many girls who are concerned about the being overweight, use different toys with their partners. There are also many sex positions for a fat woman, so just try to choose something for yourself. There is always a way out, the main thing is to start looking for it.

  1. Don’t fall for the tricks of fraudsters.

When people are desperate, they are ready to do anything to cope with their problem, even to seek help from fraudsters. Various pills, which are supposedly capable of dropping dress sizes, and vacuum devices are deceptive. Do not dance to the tune of scammers and do not spend money on such nonsense.

  1. Solve problems that are in your head.

Nowadays, medicine offers some options, which will decrease your weight; however, it is about some kind of surgery, so this procedure is quite painful, and you should think twice whether you're so fat that it interferes with normal living. Maybe, the problem is not in pounds, but in your head. Think about it.

  1. Fat has its advantages.

If you have a fat body, you can still have an ace in the hole. Firstly, you may not have problems with sex since men will pretty much fuck anyone. Secondly, the guys note that it is much more convenient to engage in oral sex with a fat woman. So, everything is not as bad as you think. 

  1. If someone tries to joke, tell them where to get off.

If you are offended and blush because of it, you will never be able to accept yourself. A sense of humor, self-irony and the ability to tell someone where to go, how to get there and how long they should stay are the guarantees of a happy life.

  1. The size does not matter.

Unless it bothers you. So take my wishy washy advice with a pinch of salt. But not too much salt, that's bad for you. 

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