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Hello, Jamesgordan, welcome!

You can read this, for instance: https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/organ-transplants-antirejection-medicines-topic-overview#1

one excerpt: "Over the next six months to a year after an organ transplant, your health care team will probably reduce your medication. You'll settle into the "maintenance phase" on a lower dose."

I'm not sure if the time during which you would have to take immunosuppressants would be the biggest issue. Any transplant brings many risks and it's only done when the life of the person is in danger without it (or, in some special cases, like face transplant, the quality of life (i.e., without a face) is "unbearable"). I'm not sure you'd find a doctor who would consider SPS (if I assume correctly that that what you suffer from) a reason to make a transplantation, who would be willing to replace a healthy organ. :( Moreover, you would have to pay for it all (surgery, medication, hospitalisation, consultations), not to mention how hard it would be to find a compatible donor. 

Would yo like to share your reasons why you think about this extreme "option"?

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