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I am the problem


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Hi everyone. It has been a while since I last did one of these. I am writing this because I am having somr problem in my life in general, and today my parents went to my school to talk about it and then they had a long talk with me. Long story short, I am the problem in my life. It is not new, I havw known it for a while. I guess what makes me sad is that I am not accepted because of my personality or my mental dissorders. I dont know what I should do. My parents wont take me to any more therapies and what does one do with problems? One ends them, but how am I going to get rid of the problem if I am the problem? I guess I am back to where i once was, accepting that I have to make myself small in order to not cause any more problems.

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Hi, Renni, 

I'm sorry you feel this way and your parents aren't supportive and understanding! :(  

The conclusion that you are the problem is very wrong. Imagine this analogy: Imagine you have a flu or a broken leg. Both bring some unpleasant consequences, for you and others. Would it be logical to say, in such cases, that "you are the problem"? I hope it's obvious here that no. But it's the same if you have psychological problems. It's not "you", it's "the issues in your brain / mind". Your mental problems don't define you! You're more than their sum, they are only a small part of you, just very visible at the moment.

It's very unfortunate that your parents don't want more therapy for you. What reasons did they give??

Could you share more about what they told you during the long talk? It might help us to see you the situation more clearly and search for some new approaches and solutions.

Also, what kind of problems do you cause? I'm referring to this:


in order to not cause any more problems

Take care!

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Hi again,

this reminded me of you - children and teens who are mentally handicapped because their biological parents consumed alcohol:


Would your parents say that it's their fault, that those kids are the problem, too?? :( 

How are you doing, BTW?

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