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“Mini desk, Tiny Hands, Small Soul: Trump Mocked...”


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Mini, tiny, small, little, baby, micro...only real men sit at big desks and to be a real man you gotta have a REAL DICK...”eminently symbolic” as one Twitter sage put it.

Twitter comments are something to behold. Why are so many of the twitterers male? Puzzles me. I thought only women and fags cared about such things.


Author: Rory Carrol male as far as i can tell 

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On 12/5/2020 at 9:27 AM, imgone said:

Yep, shrimp, you’re absolutely right. I misinterpreted the article, how could anyone be so stupid. I stand corrected. Thank you.

You must be kidding?

Ever since Marco Rubio made an issue of Trump's hands, implying Trump has a small penis, everyone knows what his enemies are saying.

Are we really to believe that the LEFT / RIGHT divide is about penis size?  Right-wingers (conservatives) are compensating in politics for their small penises?  All left-wingers are well-hung?  Is that likely?  I guess I'm an example, though!   I'm a right-wing libertarian who thinks Trump, with his flaws, is better than the far LEFT socialism now engulfing the DEM Party.  The reason I found this site is the small penis syndrome section as I sport barely over a 4" penis. 

Seems to me penis size attacks in politics would backfire as a political weapon because people who agree with the attacker on political issues would be offended if they happened to be less than well hung themselves.  Very strange that Trump would use that "small desk".  Oddly, it implies that though his penis is average or less according to Stormy Daniels, he is not sensitive about it. 

Nor did he appear sensitive about his hands on stage which he held-up.  They did not appear dramatically small, though they might be for a tall man as he is.  My hands are certainly more noticeably small.  Brutal coaches in High School noted my hands were unsuited for baseball and basketball, but put me on the Varsity Teams anyway.  Some of them found occasion to ridicule in subtle ways my lagging puberty and diminutive genitals too.

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