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Any advice for parents of children with Asperger's?


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I have a friend who thinks her 4-year old has Asperger's and she's very desperate, helpless about his behaviour. I would like to send her links to some good on-line peer-support forums for such parents and some helpful YouTube videos about better understanding and parenting such children. But I don't have (at least for now) much time to check sufficiently what is really "good" / trustworthy / practical ... so I decided to find out if someone of you who read this forum has some knowledge about such "resources". If you do, would you share them here, please? Thank you in advance.

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I would recommend getting support for all family members as soon as possible. My two daughters have level one autism, which is akin to Asperger's. My eldest daughter just turned 25 and her care is as challenging as it ever has been. Support can be invaluable.

I follow kristy forbes - autism & nd support and autistic women & nonbinary network, but they may be more geared toward girls and women. I find Kristy Forbes enlightening. I hope your friend gets the support and helps she needs and that works best for her and her family.

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So... news from my friend: Now she thinks less and less that her son might have autism. And she finally described some more things to me and it really doesn't sound like it. I don't know why she even got the idea that it might be it. Only because he seems to "live in his own world", doesn't communicate much (but can, just isn't interested) and doesn't socialise with other children. But it's all that bears any ressemblance to autism. She also sometimes mentions (to me) that he behaves "like mad", but I have no idea what it means and it only makes me sad that she's so judgemental :( . I know it's difficult to cope with a child with special needs, but... it's important to see him as "with special needs", not as "crazy" as she seems to.

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