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i’m having a panic attack


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i’m having a panic attack, i just had one a few minutes ago and i calmed down but it’s back, i squeezed some ice hoping it would help. i want to self harm but i’ve been clean for ages and i don’t want to relapse. i can’t stop cruing

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Hi, Sara, welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry nobody was online when you needed a quick reply. :( This forum isn't as active as it used to be...

I hope you feel better now. How did you manage to cope with the panic attack? (Have you self-harmed? If not, congrats for non relapsing!)

Have you learned anything useful that you could use in case it happens again? Was it your first? Do you know what triggered it?

Take care!

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@sara Hope you’re feeling better. Have you ever had these type of panic attacks before? What did you do then to resolve it? Is there anyway you could talk to somebody like a professional counselor?

In the meantime remind yourself it’s just one day and everything passes with time. Give yourself a break and try to find something you enjoy, even if it’s just a little.

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Hi Sara and welcome to the community. I want to add my support. I'm sorry you were feeling so anxious and stressed. I hope you feel better now. Did anything precipitate the anxiety that you are aware of? I think talking to a professional would be a good idea. They can work with you to help you have an action plan with steps to take to care of yourself through this. 

Take care. 

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