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Depression and food


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I have been in a very low mood today. Since having my dinner my mood has lifted somewhat - is there a connection?.

I have noticed this happening in the past, it not any particular food or a certain time of day, its just after having a meal.

If there is a connection, well is the depression I am feeling true depression, or something else?


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Hi goose,

Dont know if theres a connection to food and depression or not, i know im depressed, but i have totally gone off food, however chocolate cheers me up a bit sometimes, but then im a chocoholic, so go figure.

There is different types of depression though, so i guess maybe depression can affect us in different ways.

Sorry cant really be of any help

hope you feel better soon, mmmm try some chocolate..:(

take care


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Hi Goose,

You're on to something here-- yes there is a strong link btween depression and food, actually, 2 links.

The first centers on certain foods which actual have bee shown to ecrease and fight symptoms of depression:

  • Brown rice, whole grain oats, and brewer's yeast all contain a range of B vitamins, which help energy levels and brain function. Brown rice supplies B1, B3, folic acid, low glucose (to help control sugar release and control moods), and high fiber that helps lower cholesterol (tip: never eat brown rice that says "instant" because it provides none of these nutrients).
  • Any foods that have omega-3 fatty acids-- especially fish oils.

Then there's the issue of low blood sugar (not necessarily hypoglycemia)--- for some folks, low blood sugar caused by not eating can result in some feelings of depression, exhaustion, low mood, irritability. Also, iron deficiency can cause fatigue, irritability and weakness. A quick meal can raise levels and feel like you're no longer feeling down. My wife, whose quiet small (5'3" @ 110-112lbs) has very little fat (mostly muscle) and can't go long w/o certain foods before she feels the weakness and feelings of depression.

Chocolate is fascinating-- it contains carbohydrates which can boost the level of serotonin in the brain; however, some scientists believe that the protein content of chocolate may prevent it from boosting serotonin. It also contains small amounts of phenylethylamine (which affects the level of certain chemical messengers in the brain). Some believe that the pleasant taste and texture of chocolate is believed to bring about the release of endorphins, which act like opiates to increase pleasure and reduce pain.

I hope this helps.

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Hey goose,

GREAT IDEA, im so gonna request that in ward round tomorrow morning..:)

I wonder if they will take me seriosly ?:(

Happy chocolate muching, and i hope you feel better soon:)

take care




goose, sorry i seem to have turned your thread into a chocolate disscusion..... ooops ..

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caz wanted to appologise to goose !!!!!
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