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Changing therapists?

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I had anther home visit from somebody who works for the the counseling center that I go to. She is real nice . We got to talking about my therapist and she asked me if I'd be interested in talkingto a female therapist instead.

The therapsit I talk to is real good I think, and comes to the small town I live in. I have seen him for yrs. However, he is ver non chalant , and does not know how to deal with self harm well. Esp. the me, and has not helped me much in this area.

Well the woman gave me two names of female therapsits who are good and know how to deal or talk to self harmers, have experience with them . I would have to go to a different city though. It would be a change of provider . I am seriously thinking about it, but uncertain of the change, or know if it would be a good idea. Would the new therapist be any better then the one I see . I think if she has experience with self harm then yes. ANd it may be easier to talk to a female therapist too.

I have to do something to get the self harm under control . Thry offer DBT over there too, in which I could join the group as well. I do not want to hurt myself every time more and more severely to the point that I lose my life.

I already have caused mobility problems , and it has become bad. Maybe it would be a better idea to change therapsits?

It is not a easy decision to make, yet, I have to do something better , in order to get well. I think I really do need more support, and somebody who can help me get a better understanding of self injury. The uncertainty is hard though . Maybe i am wrong to think that a new therapist would be better.

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Hi mscat,

I realize my situation was entirely different, my main issues are anxiety/OCD/impulse control...but I saw the same therapist for 5+ years and then I switched to someone who did a different kind of therapy (albeit both males). I had been "stuck" with the first therapist, but did not even really know it until one of my best friends was telling me about her therapist/therapy and it sounded really productive and positive, something I thought would be helpful for me, and it definitely has turned out to be! I know it is scary switching after years, it was for me...one thing I do recommend, if you do decide to change, is that you have some kind of conversation with your current provider regarding your decision. I know for me that closure is a big thing and I did not initially have that...I just cancelled an appt, and I didn't see a therapist for a few months while I considered seeing the one that I see now (but I felt guilty even thinking about it, even though my past therapist was no longer working for me). My current therapist actually made me talk to my old therapist (they are in the same office a few days a week), so that I could finally have closure because I felt so odd/guilty about the whole thing. And then it finally was ok. I wish I had dealt with it from the beginning though.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck with whatever you decide!!


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At first it seemed like a good idea, however, I am not going to. In less then a couple of yrs I'll have to make anther really big change and probably mmove for the sake of my son.

I am not one for change, so I better just stay with the therapist I have , not rock the boat...

thanks for the feedback .

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Hey mscat, change is hard for most of us, and a new therapist would be a risk. Not making a change is a risk, too though. Here is what I hear you say

I think I really do need more support, and somebody who can help me get a better understanding of self injury.

This sounds like a true need to address, whether it's with the same or a different therapist. So many here can relate to the need for more support & a better understanding of what is blocking our health. You have our support!!! And we will be by you in the search for better understanding:o

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Hi MSCat, do you have to change or can you have both? Like could you continue seeing your therapist while joining a support group for people who SH. I know I have done that before. See someone on a regular basis, while exploring other options though various types of support groups? That might be a transition into other types of therapy for the next couple of years...

I just feel that your present therapist is not helping enough since you still self-harming. I think you need to think about finding some other resource to help you with that part if he's not very good with that specific issue. What do you thin?

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Your right. Their is a DBT support group as well, but it is out of the town , 45 min away. A group would be extremely hard to be invlved in, but may be my best way for help in the self harm behavior.

the scariest thing about it the Si, is that it is getting really severe. To the point where it has cause deformity and loss of mobility, this is why I have to do something more to help myself. I have to take this leap. I just have to .

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