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Yep. Looking right in the face at our difficulties seems the best way to overcome them and move through the pain. It's not easy to do, but it sure can be life-changing when we are able to find the courage and strength to do it. Good for you, John. Thanks for sharing that. ;)

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Thanks John.... and I am glad you are feeling better....

I was just saying today to a friend of mine how I can hopefully encourage or give some insight based on my own experience to others with replys on this forum but then sometimes I wonder if I am following my own advice???

I think we can all be guilty of giving others direction and encouragement but then I think we short change the importance of our own needs.

And as far as John saying there is help and support all around, I agree:

Yes it is nice to hear some type of feedback from others here on the forum because even though we might or might not be able to think it, at least we can read it through the eyes of others....

So Thank You from me to everyone who takes the time to read a post and then make some type of effort to reply... It helps not only the person who is posting, but also the ones who are reading them....


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Well, it would be right quiet around these parts if we were all practicing everything we preach. :-)

In fact, I often learn stuff I didn't know, just from what I write to others.

So it's not always deliberate, even. I figure, if you find yourself saying something you're not doing, the only question is whether you really believe what you're saying. So long as you do, whether or not you've learned to practice it yet is immaterial.

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Guilty as charged! Me too. But what I see is that while writing or reading posts I often remember something I had realised but forgot, something I had decided to do but forgot, or simply something I had been doing but wasn't putting enough faith in the process. Then someone comes along and puts the same thing in a different way, different wording, drawing my attention back to it. Or they ask a question that I haven't asked myself in a while. And this alone can be enough to cause me to do a little soul searching. I think you are all great! And I think we help each other in more ways than one, in more ways that we realise. :D

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Yes Bluerose and Jetliner I agree with you...

I am new to the forum, actually any type of online forum and when I joined I was really in a bad way, and being able to absorb the kindness and support I was reading is like having your own therapy counselor and group right in your house!!! :)

I wish I could put faces with names to help me remember and understand better but of course I understand why.... :)

So I guess responses to questions, dilemas, situations or just concerns is much appreciated but everyone it seems....

And, thats a good thing....:)

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