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I wonder if somebody would like to share opinions about daydreaming.

I've read it's very important and good for several reasons (as "an exercice for imagination" and sometimes also as a training of coping with some situations). But even when we exclude "dreams" about suicide, SI, and other "unhealthy issues", it can be sometimes quite dangerous. Me for exemple, I'm "dreaming" every day instead of working or doing anything "relevant". For me, imagination has always been an exit from reality I've tried to avoid.

But... I don't want to write too much about me, I would like to iniciate this topic only. Wants somebody to join? :D

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What's interesting is that I'm quite the opposite. My imagination can be a source of considerable frustration, so I spend my time vegging out and playing video games or watching movies. That way I'm not really in reality, but I don't leave my mind up to it's games either.

When I do let my thoughts wander, it's typically about all of the things I would change about my life if I could go back. Which then inevitably makes me think of all the great things I'm currently missing out on. But I'm so tired that I have no motivation to do anything but nap or read or whatever.

I may get back into writing. If I can stop being so critical of my own works, that is. Nothing quite like rewriting the same paragraph 20 times! There's always music at least <3 At least I still have that.

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You create interesting threads, @LaLa. I know when I was younger I daydreamed extensively in school. I was also the type of kid who loved to take naps. Still do. I wrote a short story in elementary school about my bed and sleep, how much I loved sleep. All the other kids thought it was stupid and didn’t get it. But sleep is such a merciful escape...allow me to put it this way: I would’ve devoured that witch’s 🍎 from Snow White if I knew it would put me in that type of trance, and the best part is I’m so ugly and repulsive no one would have ever kissed me to wake me up! So I suppose when I couldn’t or cannot sleep, I like to daydream. I feel like the last decade has crushed my imagination though. Stress and depression. I’m starting a new art project, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’ll let you know how it goes or if I can even get it off the ground.

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I'm sorry for my very late reply. I haven't visited this site for some weeks. Not because of some particular reason; I just "haven't found the time"... :( 

(Even worse, I'm procrastinating with replying to e-mails even more that before...)

BTW; I also think that being asleep, in the phase without dreams (they can be pretty 'exhausting' sometimes), is the best state I (and probably many others :( ) can be in. The lack of awareness, of anything, ... and without actually needing to undergo the (often ugly and painful) process of dying!

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Great to hear from you LaLa, I was worried you might have had Covid. That is interesting what you say about deep sleep...it is said traditionally that the state of deep sleep is a state of immunity from harmful influences, in comparison to the dream state which plays a role in some types of magic. Take care thanks for replying, hope things slow down for you.

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