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Sorry need to vent


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No hun to help ease your Panic Attack - can you just try and calm your breathing, concentrate on taking steady breaths in, and out. Concentrate on your breathing and nothing else.

Worry about what you feel you want to share with your girlfriend another time - once your panic attack has eased off.

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In fact I'm not even sure I did this. I would say 80% sure.

Okay, so you're one of "those" people :). What I mean by that is that when you aren't sure of having committed these actions, there's no reason to beat yourself up for them. It's unfair to yourself when you may have not done anything wrong. And 80% odds really aren't great.

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Yes I think I suffer from OCD, but it is not an excuse for my past behavior...

Didn't you just say that you're not even entirely sure about your past behavior? Have you read Soregretful's thread? He started out very confident that he did wrong, but over the months, he was able to greatly lower that certainty. He still considers what he did very wrong, but not nearly as much so as what he'd thought before.

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CA, what I find interesting is that you say your problem is similar to a thread on this site in which someone was afraid they were a pedophile, and you yourself answered it, back then, that he was probably suffering from POCD.

It certainly seems possible to me. So, what made you change your mind? Or do you just need a reminder that these runaway fears tend to be obsession-based?

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Hey CA,:rolleyes:

Whats going on for you right now hun ?

I know you get really anxious and become more nervous when your uncle visits, also that is when a lot of your memories seem to haunt you more. - is your uncle staying with you again ?

Your therapist has told you that the things you done as a child were part of growing up CA, why are you torturing yourself over things that have caused no-one any harm ?

Oh, and are you still seeing your therapist - is she helping you at all ?

I hope your day is kind to you :rolleyes:

Take care hun.

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