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Oh. thats too bad. That video is actually on the top 40 charts for VH1 channels where the target audience is 12-26 year olds. It also hasn't been flagged by YouTube to be removed. I guess if people want to see it just go to youtube and type "LMFAO sexy".

This one my 9 year old daughter and her friends practice the moves to.

230 million views already. Party Rock.

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Irma Jean - Nothing like censorship to compel me to watch something:eek: - thanks for bringing it to my attention:D, and Beau Beau, thanks for the info on how to get to the original link. Yes, I agree some members would be offended here so probably not a bad call to censor. But I laughed my head off anyway. Not the kind of swimsuit I'd like those close to me wearing but hey, a bunch of strangers - no problem (for me at least).

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