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With so many here who are struggling and suffering, I thought to pose a question for all of us.

What is one thing you can do for yourself today to practice healthy and compassionate self-care?

I’ll get us started.

Today, I will listen to my needs. I am feeling tired and need some quiet time to myself. I am going to sign off now and relax. I wish all of you a serene night (or day, depending on your time zone).

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I guess I will try and not beat myself up (as much) over situations that are out of my control.
I will open to the possibilities of today.;) There is more going on in the universe than my negative thinking

I like those!:)

Ive been sort of in a negative rut lately too. But have felt better the last few days.

Im going to try to find the humor in things and laugh as much as I can today, even if its at myself!:D

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I already took extra great care of myself today by going to a shiatsu therapist. It was amazing an hour and a half of pure bliss. Now I'm unsure whether I should take even greater care of myself by not going to a birthday party of a friend of mine. I said I'd go, but I know there will be people smoking weed and drinking and I know it'll be hard for me to say "no" to those substances. I think I could, but I won't have fun. They'll all be drunk and/or high and I'll be sober and there will be no one to have a decent conversation with.. So, I'll probably stay home tonight..

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