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Had A Run-In At WalMart Today


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I got a long with Bearded Wonder for almost 6 years. We had an agreement and he decided to change it without telling me. His buddy Mr Cripples called and told me Bearded Wonder didn't want to talk to me any more. I can't trust what Mr Cripples says because I know he's an instigator. So I called to find out if what Mr Cripples said was true. After calling all day I get a call myself from the Auburn PD. They asked me why I was calling so much which I explained why.

Fast foward to this morning, I see Mr Cripples in WalMart at the Pharmacy. He walked right up to me and threatened to kill me. I told Mr Cripples to leave and he gave me the famous F*** You as he walked off.

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So other than that whats your day like?

ive been spending most of my day tryna work out stuff that i shoulda worked through years ago :(

hope that your day has had some good moments :o

take care

Get up and get dressed.

Walk to WalMart a block away to look at women's butts and buy a days worth of food.

Come back home and eat.

Peel my clothes off and crawl back under the blanket for a few hours.

Get up and get dressed again.

Wait for the mail to arrive and pick it up.

Come back inside and eat some lunch.

Watch TV and play on the internet.

Eat dinner.

Shave, shower, and "drop the bomb".

Crawl under the blanket and watch TV until I fall asleep.

I guess checking out women's butts is a good moment. Well that and walking through the Bra and Panty Department at WalMart.

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well atleast you managed to get some rest, and you had one good moment for you :o

certainly sounds like more fun than my day was, not that ive ever checked out womens butts - but hey could be fun (in a really warped over medicated kind of way) wanna swap lifes for a while, im kinda bored wiv mine :(

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Before this gets out of hand, I'm going to point out that 'SweetSue' and 'JaiJai' are both women (as far as I know). That should serve as a partial explanation of why they don't look at women's butts that much.

I've been known to look (I'm a man), but I would point out that a butt is mostly meant to keep us from sliding off of chairs and can only be checked out properly if she's walking away from you. It's also possible to focus on a woman's face or even talk to her. You might find that most of them are more than just a collection of body parts.

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I read somewhere (i should get a reference, but i gotta run) that women developed more pronounced breasts, because their breasts emulate the look of a womans posterior. this helps with attraction and re pro duction, cus men are genetically hard-wired, through the course of evolution, to be attracted to a mates rear-quarters. Homer translation "me see boobs, me like boobs, me like bum...boooobs....bum. ................booobs.

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On a more serious note, I have been always wondering why guys pay so much attention to women's butts???:confused:

When I look at guys, I usually pay attention to other parts of their bodies.

Like a forehead, arms, chin, etc... was just wondering.:P

Guys are born horny and will die horny. Actually most males like breasts. I prefer butts myself.

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Wow, JaiJai, I knew you were pretty smart, just did hot know how much:D

That was a very educational info...thanks. I will choose the next topic of our anotomy lesson ;)

lana likes foreheads. hheehee =j

Well...cough, cough.... not only..

I like where it is all going :P After all, it is TGIF!

I think I will stop with my jokes for now because I am afraid that you, JaiJai, will be provoking me. :D

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