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Is It Possible To Be A Psychopath With A Conscience

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Everything thing I did as a child classifies me as a psychopath.

I terrorized a good percentage of Niles Twp, MI. I feel guilty about terrorizing most of them these days.

I dissected animals, kept the bones, and buried the remains in the backyard. They were already dead.

I got a charge out of setting things on fire and still do.

I'm still extremely aggressive and not bothered by what happens after the fact.

Had a total lack of remorse for everyone as a child. Just certain people these days.

I've used several items to physically attack people.

Was physically cruel to everyone. Currently just certain people. I still get a huge kick watching people suffer.

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i think it as a lot to do, since they dont even let u see a boob in tv and now they make kids that keep animal bones in their backyards an likes lighters belive their killers and pyromaniacs. Somethings wrong with tv.

sorry but ur normal, maybe i just killed ur dreams.

Hate to burst your bubble but I didn't watch much tv as a small guy.

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When i was about 8 i used to get my dads pet rats...and rabbits and kill them and torcher them i disected..broke there little bones..drowned them..all sorts and they were alive.As for starting fires..who cares from my experince all guys like doing that..its in us to light fire......i used to get a hit of killing them...like im stronger and better then they are satisfied some kind of urge in me..used to always..steal..lie and cheat...But i have met true sociopathic people and for you to post this means your fine...they like there sadistic nature..they embrace it... they will stop at nothing to get what they want..i knew one guy who is step son of a bikergang he wanted this guys laptop in his street so he rounded up a bunch of bikers to home invade thsi poor guy and his kids were in his house and bashed him and took his stuff..he didnt care..thats a psychopath.Its in males to kill animals we have been doing it for many many years of evolution built into us..its got something to do with that...

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Yeh..i did have some screws up in my head loose..im 16 now and look back and see it as cruel..I got mates that stab rabbits with bowie knives..and stuff..killing small animals is more common than people think..Its the ones who keep it up..and then killing little animals isnt enough to fell the urge..they moove onto..dog,cats,then thats not enough...they start day dreaming about Murder...then day dreaming isnt enough for them anymore..then they go out and do it..I was a sick little F###...I even skinned some of the animals..kept there skulls as sort of trophys..But theres no bodys under my house today..and i dont do it anymore..nor fell the need to..

People who are psychopathic..are even sicker than people with mental illness..even if they do not suffer with negative symptoms as people with mental illness do..but they are truly sicker..the worse thing is theres no cure for psychopathic behaviour..You can treat a mental illness.

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Sorry AP- the forum is open to anyone to join in the conversation. Perhaps you could start a personal blog. Then you can choose who must GTFO your topics or not. Until then, you;ll simply have to put on your big girl panties and suck it up princess.:o

Perhaps if you didn't sink as low as you did before I wouldn't have an issue with you. The only place I would wear panties is over my face. Having DingDong hanging between my legs I aint no princess.

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oh the newer version of Karate Kid, its

take coat off, chuck it on the floor, hang it up, put coat back on......

it really is a good remake :D

Oooops sorry AP, back to your original post ( not the boob posts :o)

I dont know much about psychopathic behaviours, but isnt part of it, that you dont have a conscience for the things you do.

Oh and BTW, ive always been into burning stuff, since well a very long time really - decades. But that dont make me a psychopath - Im just schizophrenic, amongst other diagnoses, hmmm and possibly a touch of pyromania :(

Hope your day is going ok

Take care

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You seemed offended when bukaa... compared his killing small animals to you disecting dead animals. as though you couldnt believe someone would harm poor defensless animals, like that. that to me suggests you do have a conscience. maybe its just a little out of shape and you need to exercise it more often. no one likes a flabby conscience.

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That's the thing. I lack a conscience when it comes to people that have done really horrible things.

hey AP:)

Well for what its worth, i dont have much of a conscience for people that have done really horrible things. Infact parts of me kinda want them to suffer for the things they have done. I think thats justifiable - to me at anyrate.

We have a saying over here..... "What goes around - comes around"

....And where certain people from my life are concerned - I truely hope that it does.:cool:

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