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Heart attacks and strokes and arthritis are things that happen to older people. So what happens when you start becoming "older people"? Suddenly it's you they're talking about.

I found this little video which I found very persuasive. Some amazing statistics. Of course it really helps that this is good for depression as well.


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Wow, this is awesome! Very impressing!! I love the thought about limiting ones time of watching tv and sleeping to 23 and a half hours.!! :D so beautiful. But I got scared too at the same time.. :/ I think that going for a walk is my number 1 priority for tomorrow allready. I can't let be mentioning what a beautiful presentation they've made.. LOVE it!

And the second video, awesome!! I have problem with my back and neck. The best advice of doctors is to train the muscles of back and neck which is very true. But when you're in pain the exercises of how to relax the muscles of hurting part is like gold. It's 100 times better to do exactly these exercises that the video shows before you go to muscle strenghtening exercises..!!


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