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Thanks Jeep, hope you're ok.

You're right, I probably did need to let this out, I broke my hand the other week thinking about this.

I don't know, considering I did face exercises so vigorously and for so long, i find it hard to imagine that I'm the only one that sees myself this way.

I was in a pretty black mood last night. I get overly hopeful about this particular issue sometimes, that's the worst because then I have to come crashing back down. Rest of the time I'm alright.

But my minds sort of blank now.

I am not too bad right now thanks for asking MTS.

Perhaps a distraction/activity/hobby might help you MTS? My psychiatrist went to great lengths to explain to me how important it is to do stuff, engage the brain in something else.

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Do you have anymore insights on improving eye contact? I'm going to have to really throw myself into it this week. :(

Practice helped me a lot. Good posture, smiling, and projecting confidence also helped me. I work in retail and so I would challenge myself to maintain better eye contact with customers. Lots of opportunities for me to practice. Once you see others responding positively to you it becomes easier. You build feelings of confidence little by little and it starts to come more naturally. I could still improve with my eye contact, but I've come a long way. You can too.

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